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Fell in an Apartment Building Stairwell…

Submitted By: Danny (Brooklyn, NY)

I fell in the building’s staircase of my in-laws’ co-op apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I decided to take the stairs because the elevator took too long. The back staircase on the 3rd floor wasn’t lit up(the light bulb had blown out). I had my in-laws take pictures of this.

I was holding my 2 year old and we walked down the steps trying carefully to see due to the poor light. I missed the step before the last and since I didn’t want to drop or fall on my daughter while holding her, I fell in a kneeling position and my ankle twisted towards the inside facing me. I felt a sharp but fast pain. My father-in-law asked me if I was okay and my initial reaction was yes because my concern was my daughter. So I walked with a bit discomfort and asked her if she was okay. She said yes.

Once I was sure she was fine we proceeded to our car with my in-laws’ help and drove to meet my wife upstate at a conference. While driving I felt a bit of discomfort but since it was my left ankle/foot and I was driving it didn’t seem to bother me much. Once we arrived and I tried getting out of the vehicle I felt instant severe pain (9 on a scale 1-10).

I then had to go to the hospital in upstate New York. X-rays were taken and the doctor said it wasn’t fractured, it was just a real bad sprain. I’m home today because I couldn’t go in to work.

Should I make a police report or notify anyone? I have health insurance and I’m wondering if going through any kind of personal injury case is worth the hassle? Also, would this be classified as a no-fault claim? I’m not really sure what to do so any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Dear Danny,

Police reports are usually reserved for criminal action.

The facts you present are not indicative of any criminal action.

Thankfully your injuries are not serious.

Keep the records of your medical examinations. Make copies of all the bills and related expenses. Those may include out of pocket expenses such as any prescription pain medicine and any over the counter medications or bandages.

Contact the apartment management and ownership.

Present them with your medical bills. Ask them to pay for them and to reimburse you for any of your out of pocket expenses, and any of the wages you may have lost by having to seek medical attention.

Add to that amount an additional amount for your pain and suffering. That amount is usually calculated as a multiple of your medical bills, referred to as “Hard Costs”. That multiple is usually 3x or more.

So if your medical bills are, let’s say $500.00 dollars, you would ask for $1,500.00 dollars for your pain and suffering.

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