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Fell Off a Golf Cart in a Mobile Home Park…

Submitted By: Mary (Avon Park, FL, USA)

I live in a mobile home park, with rented land, in an adult community in central Florida. I had accepted a ride on a golf cart with someone who lives in the same community. As she was making a turn I was thrown from the golf cart and sustained multiple injuries, mostly to my face.

My leg and both hands have cuts and my left arm may be injured, but my face took the majority of the blow of the fall. I have two broken bones in my face. One of the broken bones has done nerve damage so my face is numb on the right side.

This is a very large mobile home park. Do mobile home park owners have insurance to cover accidents on the roads within the park community? Who’s insurance would I pursue for compensation? Thank you.

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Dear Mary,

The management and owners of the mobile home park should be initially contacted. Your facts don’t indicate whether the golf cart belonged to the mobile home park or one of its residents.

If the golf cart was owned by one of the tenants you may also have a claim against the driver of the golf cart. Her homeowners insurance should step up and accept responsibility for the doctors’ bills and related expense necessary for the treatment of your injuries and the recovery period.

Once you have reported the incident to the ownership and management of the mobile home park you may soon after receive a letter or telephone call from the insurance company’s representative, called a “Claims Adjuster”. You may also be contacted by the driver’s homeowners insurance Claims Adjuster as well.

Both Adjusters will want to take your recorded statement. That is standard procedure so don’t hesitate to cooperate. That is the beginning of the settlement of your claim.

Settling your claim against the ownership and management of the mobile home park as well as the homeowner’s insurance company will be your best bet. If not, you may have to consider the initiation of a lawsuit.

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Best of luck!


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One comment on “Fell Off a Golf Cart in a Mobile Home Park…

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about if the golf cart was owned by the mobile home park?

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