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Foot Injury at Casino Last Week…

Submitted By: Lisa (Elk Grove, California)

I hurt my foot last week at a casino. I had walked up to the rewards desk to get a new card. Right as I stepped off the carpet and onto the marble floor I slipped but didn’t fall. There was a piece of ice on the floor when I stepped down. As I stepped down on the ice, my foot rolled over and twisted. It was initially just a little sore for about three hours. However, by the time I made it home I had trouble walking into the house.

I sent an email to the casino and was contacted the next day by an EMT who took a report. I called and spoke with a nurse who recommended I just wrap the foot. My foot is still very sore and I have a limp. My health insurance has expired and I now have an appointment at a medical clinic this week to seek further advice.

Will I will have to pay out of pocket for my medical appointment to get my injury checked? Is there anything I should do? I’d appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

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Dear Lisa,

You may have to initially outlay your own funds at the local medical clinic. If at the time of your examination the doctor decides to check if you possibly fractured one of the bones in your foot or ankle, she may order some tests. Those test should include x-rays and possibly an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exam.

Either of those tests will determine if you have any fractures. The MRI will go further to see if you have torn any tendons, ligaments or muscles. If after the tests the doctor determines you do have a fracture of some type, then you will possibly be “casted.”. In any event, your medical costs will be relatively substantial.

If in the alternative the tests determine you suffered nothing more than muscle sprains or tears, your medical costs will be much less.

If you have broken any bones contact the casino and tell them. Try to contact the actual paramedic you spoke with soon after your injury. Explain your injuries and tell her to please refer the matter to someone in authority who will be able to reimburse you for your medical bills, out of pocket expenses, lost wages, and an additional amount for your pain and suffering.

Regrettably, the bureaucracy of obtaining funds from the casino will prevent you from receiving funds immediately. As a result you will have to find some way to pay the medical bills yourself.

You obviously can’t wait for the casino to respond if you have broken any bones. That would be a physical impossibility, unless you are content to walk around for weeks with a broken ankle.

If your bills are just those which verified you didn’t suffer any broken bones, then the casino may not pay much more than the medical bills through the time the doctor diagnosed the sprains or tears.

If you will be unable to work as a result of the sprain or tear you will find it very difficult to convince the casino to pay your lost wages, out of pocket expenses, or pain and suffering.

If in the alternative you will be unable to work as a result of a broken bone(s), then you will have less difficulty convincing the casino to pay all the above.

One step at a time. Seek medical attention and then go from there.

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