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Hit by a car while walking across a parking lot…

Submitted By: Anonymous (Billerica, Massachusetts)

I was hit by a car in Hudson NH on 8/19/2017 in my hip/thigh area while walking across a parking lot to get to my car. The driver was cited by the police for his driving since he swung into the parking lot to avoid hitting the stopped car in front of him in the street. The insurance company adjuster called and accepts 100% responsibility for the accident.

I have seen 2 different doctors (total of 4 visits and x-rays) and recently was told by the orthopedic doctor we have reached the medical end point and I will have a mild permanent deformity (bump and dent) on my thigh. It can clearly be seen, especially when wearing my shorts or bathing suit.

Original offer from the insurance company was $1,000 for pain & suffering, plus medical expenses, but we recently found out the deformity was permanent.

What is a reasonable settlement number we should now expect to receive from the insurance company?

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Dear Anonymous,

Without a detailed breakdown of your medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages, it is really impossible to suggest a fair settlement amount. The offer of $1000 for pain and suffering seems very low, especially considering the fact you have a permanent deformity.

Today, with all the safety advances in cars, the number of driver and passenger injuries have greatly lessened. Typical car accident injuries include strains and sprains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, whiplash, etc. These types of injuries can normally be handled by the victim without having to employ an attorney.

However, there are more serious injuries which should be handled by experienced personal injury attorneys. The seriousness of your injuries demands such representation.

Most injury attorneys do not charge for initial office consultations. Gather copies of your husband’s medical bills and records and make several appointments with personal injury attorneys in your area. You can these attorneys on line.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by speaking with a personal injury attorney. During your consultation, the attorney will be able to generally tell you if s/he will be able to settle your claim for more than you settle can it for, and what your net settlement amount may be.

Learn more here: Pedestrian Accident Claims

The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

Find a local attorney to give you a free case review here, or call 888-972-0892.

We wish you the best with your claim,


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One comment on “Hit by a car while walking across a parking lot…

  1. Sheila says:

    Since this happened to me I’ve been trying to find help and have not been able to yet. I was hit by a truck in a Fred Myers parking lot.

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