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How Much Does Insurance Pay for Medical Bills in an Auto Accident?

Submitted By: Joseph (Baton Rouge, LA)

I was involved in an auto accident where it was determined that the other driver was totally at fault. My insurance paid my medical bills at a negotiated price.

I’m wondering what amount does the at-fault driver’s insurance pay, the actual bill which was $2,300 or the negotiated rate of my insurance which was $289?

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Dear Joseph,

Normally after a collision such as yours the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays for the medical and related bills. It is difficult to understand why your insurance company paid the bills.

To answer your question, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay the actual and same amount paid out by your insurance company, and will do so dollar for dollar. The negotiated rate here actually inured to the benefit of the at-fault driver’s insurance company. That doesn’t seem fair but it is true.

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One comment on “How Much Does Insurance Pay for Medical Bills in an Auto Accident?

  1. NewnanLady says:

    A car was totaled at 4-way atop. I was cited and had no PIP insurance and limited health insurance (4 visits a year). I used my limited visits and my insurance covered them, but I have no visits left and now must pay full price.

    In the meantime, the court said I was not guilty, the other party was at fault. I had six months of chiropractic treatment, and the use of my limited appointments caused me not to schedule other routine appointments. I also had a lot of prescriptions. Why should their insurance company luck out and get the cheaper rate for the appointments?

    I had 9 months of pain and being unable to live a normal life. Why shouldn’t they pay the full amount and I reimburse my insurance company what they paid? Had they billed my doctor they would have paid the higher amount and that would have benefited me in the total bill.

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