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Injured in an Unmarked Construction Site in an RV Park…

Submitted By: Shaun (Bartlesville, Oklahoma, U.S.A.)

I was walking up a dock at Grand Lake (in Oklahoma) at a privately owned r.v. park and fell on a piece of rusty metal or pipe that was sticking out of the ground at the top of the dock, due to construction work that was being done on the dock.

The pipes and metal sticking up were not marked, not covered, and there were no signs or tape cautioning people of the work. It was 10:30 at night.

I suffered a 3 to 4 inch gash in my left ankle area that was also 3/4 to 1 inch deep. I went to the emergency room and received 12 shots (1- tetanus, 1- antibiotic and 10 shots of novacane) I received 19 stitches (8 on the inside and 11 on the outside).

I contacted the owner of the r.v. park and they were very sorry and angry that the construction company had left the job site area in the condition that they did (no caution signs or covering of the metal sticking up out of the ground).

They also wanted me to send them my hospital / doctor bills and they said they would take care of them. But I really feel that I should file a claim due to the circumstances and also I may have permanent nerve damage in my ankle area. What do you think?

Also, how would you file an insurance claim on a personal injury accident if you do not know the property owner’s insurance company and what if they wont tell you?

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Dear Shaun,

Your injury sounds extremely painful and you want to have it fully evaluated before accepting any settlement due to the many nerves in that region which could have been damaged.

Submitting a claim through insurance is simple. The RV park should have a policy to cover this very situation. Ask the owner for the name of their insurance company, call and submit a claim. At that point, an adjuster will be assigned to your case who will assess your medical bills and damages when it’s time to settle.

What you need to do is continue to receive treatment on your injury and focus on healing.

When a doctor has completely released you from care, you will begin the negotiation process.

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Best of luck!


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