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Low-dose carbon monoxide poisoning over a 3-year period…

Submitted By: P (Oklahoma)

We had our roof replaced in 2011. I began feeling ill in the winter of 2011-12 and consecutive winters after that. During the spring and summer, my symptoms would subside for the most part, although I still have severe ringing in my ears and some balance issues.

In July of this year, we had an air conditioning/heating technician come to our home because of a condensation leak. During his repair, he found that the vent to the outside of the house was completely disconnected and lying next to the gas heater. The roofing company did not reconnect the vent piping after they installed the roof in 2011.

For three years carbon monoxide leaked into our home. Since this was disconnected and not venting at all, we had carbon monoxide going directly into our home.

I became very ill because I do not work outside of the home, and am there 24 hours a day most days, thus inhaling it all day, most likely low-dose and long-term, while the gas heating system was going.

I feel very fortunate to be alive. I do not want this to happen to another client of this roofing company, as death can certainly occur as my doctor verified. They need quality control or an inspector to check every roof that is done inside and out for these issues.

Do you think I have a case against this roofing company if I present all of my costly medical bills related to this horrible illness that I experienced, especially pain and suffering?

Unfortunately, it is hard to detect carbon monoxide in a patient as it becomes undetectable as it leaves your system. So the doctors have no explanation as to why I suffered these symptoms.

Thank you in advance for recommendations of to how to proceed, and what type of lawyer I will need.

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Dear P,

While there is a high probability the roofing company’s negligence was the direct cause of your medical problems, proving you have been seriously injured because of carbon monoxide poisoning will be quite difficult.

Carbon monoxide permeates human cells. In large doses, it can permeate the cells and cause substantial damage. In low doses, even on a consistent basis, carbon monoxide dissipates, causing little, if any damage.

Without medical proof of carbon monoxide poisoning, it will be difficult to prove the roofer was negligent, and that negligence resulted in your medical problems. Seek out several doctors. Start with doctors whose practices are limited to internal medicine. Bring along copies of the receipts from the roofing company.

You will need to seek out personal injury attorneys with substantial experience in construction law. Most injury attorneys will not charge for an initial office consultation. Bring copies of your medical records and receipts from the roofing company. After reviewing them, an attorney will be better able to advise you.

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Best of luck!


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