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Medical Negligence in C-Section Operation

Submitted By: Tranecka (Newark, DE)

In 2004 I went to the hospital and told them I was in labor, they told me they didn’t pick up anything on the monitor. Next thing I know I started bleeding and they had to rush me in for an emergency c-section. My child was born at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

My case is this: My stomach was stapled shut. Before I left the hospital I told my doctor something was wrong and I felt like the staples were burning me or pinching. He told me I was fine, come in on Monday and he will take them out.

When I looked at it my vagina was stapled to my stomach and I still have the hole there now. I also noticed a flap of skin hanging out of my cut and he told me it was a lip – sometimes that’s how it heals. Since then I’ve been developing a lump in that area. I’ve been to the doctor and hospital a good bit of times about this problem. Now it’s causing me so much pain I’ve been referred to a surgeon.

No one yet is able to tell me what it is. It has been called a hernia by my doctor, but the hospital and surgeon said that’s not what it is. It was called a nudle the last time I went to the emergency for the pain. This time when I went in on Sunday they called it a fatty tumor.

The surgeon said he is not sure what it is. I go for surgery on Wednesday, but I’m scared if they don’t know what it is how do they know whether or not to operate. Is there anything I can do since they don’t seem to know what they’re doing? Please help. Thanks.

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Dear Tranecka,

The question, as posed, appears to ask whether you should go in for surgery which is simply not a decision that we can make for you here.

If the surgeon has scheduled you, clearly they feel that there is a medical reason for going forward.

What you have described sounds painful. Whether the doctor has committed malpractice is something altogether different. Malpractice is medical negligence and it requires that the doctor fail to perform as a doctor of his same skill, experience and education in the community.

With the facts that you have provided, it’s difficult to say whether the doctor did something wrong or whether this medical condition (fatty tumor or otherwise) is something that could not have been prevented. There must be a link between the conduct of the doctor and your alleged injury.

With C-sections, there is documented evidence that scar tissue forms at the place of the incision.

This can present as “lumpy” and also painful. Additionally, women who have given birth also will experience adhesions within the uterus which can vary in intensity from no feeling at all to sharp pains.

The best advice is to follow your doctor’s orders and to always get a second opinion if something simply does not feel right.

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