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Multiple issues with current rehab…

Submitted By: Russell (Delray, FL)

My Parents and I are looking for an attorney to help us purse a lawsuit against a drug and alcohol treatment center in Southern Florida. They have provided little to no therapy, have neglected to provide a standard level of care, the living conditions are extremely poor, and my privacy has been breach on multiple occasions.

(Quick note: I am currently enrolled in this program. Obtaining any evidence to prove any allegations will not be difficult. When I tell you these things happen on a regular basis, they do!)

I have been here seven months, with no therapy. I am being billed for a service that is not provided. They advertise detox, and I’ve been on the medication suboxone for the entire period not once seeing a doctor here about detoxing.

I do not have individual counseling sessions although I am being billed for them. (I have had a couple, but not 1hr once a week… maybe 5 the whole 7 months). I am being billed for groups I have not attended, yet the groups I do attend are movies that are not recovery related.

I live in a roach infested home (literally). When I was moved into a room, it was dirty containing drug paraphernalia and residue (I have pictures). The power does not work in the bathroom, so I have to shower in complete dark at night. They said it costs too much to fix.

Of the seven months I have been here not one person has left here sober. They literally have a zero percent success rate, and the product they advertise is non existent. They said I would have access to a dr and nurse, whom I have never seen.

I have stayed sober the whole time, but myself and my roommate are the only two people who have been here longer than a month. They filter the same people in and out for insurance money, who get high on their property and then steal from and harass myself and my roommate.

They allow intoxicated clients to run groups. People constantly overdose, causing the police and paramedics to have to come out. Clients under the influence act belligerent towards us with little to no consequences. We find needles and drugs in the house and the staff does nothing about it.

When individuals have come to the property looking for myself or my roommate, instead of telling them they can neither confirm or deny that I live here or am in this program, they allowed the people to come in to look for me. This is after I told them they are not allowed to breach my privacy and confirm or deny my treatment here.

I know of employees, former and current, as well as clients former and current, who will write statements and testify to what goes on here. Trust me when I say it will not be difficult to prove the negligence, unhealthy living conditions, the not meeting ‘a standard of care’, and false advertisement for services not provided.

Now I am on my way out with no rehabilitation and never having been detoxed. While spending money for poor living conditions and poor service. What can I do about this?

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Dear Russell,

If you are taking Suboxone and have not had access to the opiates or other drugs which precipitated your admission, then you are detoxed.

From the facts you present, one has to wonder, if you have been detoxed from the opiates you were abusing, why did you volunteer to stay at the facility for seven (7) months? Most detox programs for opiates and benzoids are anywhere from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days. Seven (7) months is more than excessive.

Why didn’t you leave earlier?

One has to also wonder how, in the seven (7) months you have been there, no one has left sober. Are you implying the facility permitted the patients access to alcohol and drugs. That is not likely, an even more than difficult to believe.

If you are inclined, you can file a complaint against the facility with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

Learn more here: Drug Rehab Centers

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Best of luck!


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