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Neurologist not treating ADHD?

Submitted By: Alice (El Paso, texas)

My brother has ADHD and his doctor won’t treat him, she says because of his behavior. Which makes no sense, since he acts well behaved in her office. Whatever happens at home is the job of the parents to deal with, right? My brother is twelve years old, but he is going through his rebellious stage like we all did.

I really disagree with what she is doing. What the doctor does is help control his ADHD and control his sleeping habits with medication, and as long as he is drinking his medicine, I really don’t see why she is denying treating my brother.

Yes, my brother is really rebellious, but her job is to see if the medication is causing him to focus better at school and in his sleeping pattern, nothing apart from that. This concerns me since my brother is starting to develop some form of anxiety that leads to him pulling part of his hair out of his head.

Can she really do this, just stop treating my brother? What can we do? Thank you.

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Dear Alice,

From the facts you present, it appears the underlying issue is patient abandonment. This is generally defined as a physician’s withdrawal from treating a patient without giving reasonable notice to the patient, or if the patient is a minor, reasonable notice to the minor’s parents or legal guardian.

In your brother’s case, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of patient abandonment, especially as the physician has told the parents she will no longer treat their son. At this point, if you believe your brother is in need of medical care, and if you are his legal guardian, it is your duty to seek such care.

You must stop obsessing about the physician and immediately seek treatment for your brother at another facility or with another physician. Gather copies of your brother’s medical records and make plans to visit with one or more physicians. Do so until you find one who will offer the type of tramet your brother so desperately needs.

Learn more here: Recourse for Medical Treatment Denial

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One comment on “Neurologist not treating ADHD?

  1. Illa says:

    I’m not a doctor, and I realize it’s been 5 years since the original post, but having taken ADHD meds: One of the big side effects doctors look for are mood swings, especially angry outbursts and aggression.

    That’s considered a serious side effect and doctors will pull you off a medication if they observe it or hear about it. Is it possible that the doctor was viewing his “rebellion” as a side effect, and that is why she refused to keep him on the treatment?

    Anxiety is also a known side effect of stimulants, so she may have believed his medication was causing his anxiety and hair pulling, especially since those were new instead of preexisting, and taken him off the medication for that reason.

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