Concussion and neck injury from zero gravity chair collapsing?

I was sleeping in the ‘zero gravity’ chair in the fully reclined position on my porch. It suddenly completely collapsed, pitching me backward, slamming my head on to the concrete floor. I have a concussion with a good size lump on the back of my head, as well as a neck injury. My arm was... Read More >>

What’s the “date of injury” in this toxic mold case?

I live in Oklahoma City. My health/life has been devastated by mycotoxins that were in the ventilation system of my apartment in OKC called The Edge. I moved in August 12, 2016. I became ill and thought I was just exhausted from the move. I demanded the property manager have air experts test my air.... Read More >>

Slipped and fell in the lobby of my building…

Two weeks ago, I went out to walk my dog. It was raining. When I came back into my building lobby, there is usually a long rug put out for the wet weather conditions. That day, it wasn’t out. When I entered the lobby, I felt a slick spot under my sneaker and fell up... Read More >>

Hit by car turning left when in a crosswalk on my bike?

After pressing the button to change the light I began crossing when the light turned green (this intersection did not have countdowns and lights specifically for the crosswalk). I was about 7ft? across (moving at a leisurely jog speed but starting from a stopped position) when I was struck by a car turning left. I... Read More >>

What to do if rear ended by an out-of-state driver?

I live in Florida. I was driving home and an out-of-state driver from Georgia slammed into the back of my car. I was taken to the hospital, and she was issued a ticket. My car had $5000.00 worth of damage. I have back and neck injuries. The MRI showed I have herniated discs in both... Read More >>

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