Is my son’s school liable for his broken femur and broken wrist?

My elementary school-aged son (9) was in gym class where they were instructed to play never-ending tag. The gymnasium is lined with benches along all of the walls. The teacher left the gymnasium and went into the adjacent equipment room. She could not see the kids in her line of vision. There were no other... Read More >>

Insurance adjuster requesting IME 6 months after injury?

I was injured February 24, 2018 on the premises of my apartment complex. I fell on a broken step and injured my back. The apartment complex is not denying liability, but now the insurance company handling the claim wants me to do an IME. It’s 6 months after the injuries and now I’m healed. I... Read More >>

Concussion and neck injury from zero gravity chair collapsing?

I was sleeping in the ‘zero gravity’ chair in the fully reclined position on my porch. It suddenly completely collapsed, pitching me backward, slamming my head on to the concrete floor. I have a concussion with a good size lump on the back of my head, as well as a neck injury. My arm was... Read More >>

What’s the “date of injury” in this toxic mold case?

I live in Oklahoma City. My health/life has been devastated by mycotoxins that were in the ventilation system of my apartment in OKC called The Edge. I moved in August 12, 2016. I became ill and thought I was just exhausted from the move. I demanded the property manager have air experts test my air.... Read More >>

Slipped and fell in the lobby of my building…

Two weeks ago, I went out to walk my dog. It was raining. When I came back into my building lobby, there is usually a long rug put out for the wet weather conditions. That day, it wasn’t out. When I entered the lobby, I felt a slick spot under my sneaker and fell up... Read More >>

Hit by car turning left when in a crosswalk on my bike?

After pressing the button to change the light I began crossing when the light turned green (this intersection did not have countdowns and lights specifically for the crosswalk). I was about 7ft? across (moving at a leisurely jog speed but starting from a stopped position) when I was struck by a car turning left. I... Read More >>

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