Wrongful discharge from a pain management clinic?

I was being treated by a pain management doctor at a clinic. The office called one afternoon and told me to be in their office the next day or I would be discharged. My scheduled appointment was for one week later, and they knew I would be unable to go because of my inability to... Read More >>

Burned During Surgery…

My 8 year old son had surgery. The equipment that the doctors used caused my son a 3rd degree burn on his upper thigh. He now has a large scar on his leg. Is the doctor and/or hospital liable for his injury and the resulting scar? What about the manufacturer of the surgical equipment? Read More >>

Robbed while in the hospital, who is liable?

While I was in the hospital on the last night of my stay, my friend came to visit and we walked around the hospital for a little while (just so I could get out of the room). This is the only time I left the room during my 4 day stay. The night I came... Read More >>

Injured by Malfunctioning Door at the Hospital…

I was leaving the hospital through the automatic sliding door. It malfunctioned and flew off the hinges and hit me in the head, knocking me unconscious and causing a severe concussion that has now developed into post concussion syndrome (PCS). I’ve lost wages and incurred medical bills and prescription costs (no health insurance). The PCS... Read More >>

Almost died waiting at ER…

I arrived at a hospital emergency room, waiting room and was taken in and had blood pressure done and temperature. After one and a half hours of being in screaming, arching my back, sweating and being in pain; my husband asked how much longer and the hospital stated at least three more people ahead of... Read More >>

Failure to diagnose back injury…

I fell at home and hurt my back so bad that my husband had to pick me up. I could barely move. I went to the ER and waited over 2 hours to see a doctor. Then the doctor was in to see me for about 10 minutes, basically asking if this or that hurt.... Read More >>

Discharged with a misdiagnosis of vertigo when I actually had a stroke?

I was involved in a car accident during the summer of 2013. Three weeks after the accident I experienced dizziness, vomiting, excruciating pain in my left ear, and coordination difficulty. I was brought to the emergency department of the local hospital. I was given Antivert, Tylenol, and Nasonex nose spray, and discharged without so much... Read More >>

ER overlooked my broken foot?

I fell and broke my foot. I went to the emergency room, where I was told I was fine and given no medicines, ace bandages or crutches. The injury slowed me down tremendously. As a result, I had a hard time making it to tinkle on time and wet myself slightly. This caused a skin... Read More >>

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