What to do if rear ended by an out-of-state driver?

I live in Florida. I was driving home and an out-of-state driver from Georgia slammed into the back of my car. I was taken to the hospital, and she was issued a ticket. My car had $5000.00 worth of damage. I have back and neck injuries. The MRI showed I have herniated discs in both... Read More >>

Concussion from fall in an underground garage…

My mom has a time share at a resort and I used it for vacation for a week with my family. We parked in the garage underground and I got out of car and slipped on large puddle of water and grease or oil. I don’t know if I hit my head on the ground or... Read More >>

Settlement demand for broken wrist?

I was in an accident earlier this year when someone pulled out of a basketball court (closed to the public but open to garbage trucks) and hit the side of my car. The vehicle damage was $3,000 and was from the front fender to the rear door. The vehicle has been repaired. I also broke... Read More >>

Broken bone on school playground?

My 6-yr old daughter attends summer school and they have the kids in the middle school building. The kids have recess after lunch (which is never mentioned in the schedule). She went on the monkey bar (that’s meant for middle schoolers), realizing she wasn’t tall enough to reach the first bar and lost balance and... Read More >>

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