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Pain in Uterus from Bad C – Section….

Submitted By: Angie (Bernalillo, NM)

About 7 years ago I went into labor with my daughter. I got the epidural and everything seemed fine. I was just really tired and felt “out of it”. All I remember is the doctor telling me she had to do an emergency c-section, and the next thing I know I’m in the surgery room.

After my daughter was out I heard a bunch of running around, then I heard a guy doctor tell the lady doctor to get out of the room. He looked over the curtain and told me it was going to be okay and then I passed out. When I woke up I had a bag of blood connected to me and had a blood transfusion x4.

I always have pains in my uterus now. I’ve been sent to so many doctors and all they want to do is keep me on pain pills or give me a shot once a month in my belly. Some even wanted to take out my uterus! Also, five years later I went to have my son delivered and they had to take him out 3 weeks before my due date.

I was only going to see a doctor when I really couldn’t take the pain, but now that I don’t have insurance I can’t even do that. So now I just suffer with my pains every day since I don’t have money to pay for a doctor to keep on checking me. What can I do about this? I believe the cause of all my pain over the years was this botched c-section.

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Dear Angie,

Unfortunately the statute of limitations period for filing a medical malpractice personal injury claim has long passed. In the State of New Mexico the statute of limitations period for this type of case is 3 years.

All you can do is contact the hospital and see if any legal action was taken within the 3 year statutory period. If so, and a lawsuit was filed you may be in luck. The filing of a lawsuit would have “tolled” the statutory period. That means it stopped the time from expiring.

Your next hurdle will be to see if someone filed a lawsuit on your behalf. And if so, if the judge dismissed it for “want of prosecution”. Your last option – and a very unlikely one – is if you are able to prove you just recently discovered the damage caused by the doctor 7 years ago. In rare cases the sudden discovery of medical malpractice has allowed victims to have legal recourse.

If none of these apply you will have run out of options.

Learn more here: Cesarean Section Lawsuits

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