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Rear-ended by company vehicle…

Submitted By: David (Phoenix, Arizona)

I was rear ended while I was in line to exit at an Indian school road off of hwy 51 in Phoenix, AZ. The driver who hit me was in a company vehicle. He accelerated very hard to jump into my lane behind me but in order to do so had to go very fast. He hit me at about 15mph. I was en route to the VA hospital at the time.

I have been going to a chiropractor for the past 9 days, due to severe pain in my neck, back, and legs. My pain in all these areas is well documented. Due to the accident I have not been able to go and supplement my income by buying Indian tools, porcelain, furniture, and art. I have always needed that extra money to supplement my monthly check.

I am afraid of not being able to pay my bills and my rent. I have 2 dogs and one is 13 years old and very high maintenance, and the other is 2 and wants to go for a lot of walks. I’ve had to rely on friends to keep them for me and to help me.

I am worried and scared, hoping you can offer some solutions as I have no family near me. Thanks so much for any options you can suggest.

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Dear David,

Based on your description of the collision, and your lack of medical treatment, it is difficult to understand why you can’t go back to supplementing your income buying Indian tools and porcelain furniture and art. While no one would doubt the car collided into the rear of your car, and that you suffered sprains and strains to muscles, tendons or ligaments, your only injuries seem to be soft tissue.

It is difficult to believe your chiropractic treatment will be prolonged. It is likely each time you go to the chiropractor you are healing. Ask your chiropractor how many more visits it will take for you to be well enough to resume your work buying Indian tools, porcelain furniture and art.

The chiropractor has likely treated hundreds or more of patients with similar injuries. As a result, he or she should be able to give you a general idea of when you can return to work. With that said, discuss the visits with the insurance company claims adjuster. The adjuster will review your claim and the chiropractic treatment you are receiving and tell you generally what amount the insurance company will pay.

With the types of injuries you apparently sustained, and the non-medical treatment you are receiving, you should be concerned the insurance company will not pay for any visits to the chiropractor they deem excessive. What happens then is you will be stuck having to pay the balance of the chiropractor’s bills.

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