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Slipped in a drug store after employee mopped with no “Wet Floor” signs?

Submitted By: Kayli (Bensalem, Pennsylvania)

A few hours ago, I was in Walgreens. I walked halfway down the isle with my mom when I slipped and fell. My knee dislocated and I was in a ton of pain. I then realized the floor was wet.

An employee ran over and asked if I was okay, after stating how much pain I was in, I popped my knee back into place (I dislocated it before about 8 yrs ago). I then realized the employee threw up the wet floor signs after I fell.

The manager took my information and asked if I needed ambulance but I couldn’t afford it. They then allowed me to use a display wheelchair to get to my car and that’s when my mom drove me to the hospital.

Can I do anything from here? If so, where should I begin?

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Dear Kayli,

First and foremost, seek immediate medical attention. Seeing a doctor quickly serves two important purposes:

  1. It assures you will receive the medical treatment you need
  2. It closely links your medical treatment to your fall at Walgreens

For every hour that goes by before you seek medical attention, Walgreens can take the position that your injury occurred after you left the store, and was caused by a subsequent event.

It is likely at the time of your fall the store manager created a company “Incident Report.” This report will have your name and address, a rendition of the facts and circumstances surrounding your fall, and other information required by Walgreen’s corporate office.

Speak with the Walgreen’s manger at the store where you fell to see what action he or she has already taken.

Next, contact Walgreens corporate office, explain what happened, and say you’d like to file a claim for your damages: medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses (like medication, slings, etc.), lost wages (if you had to take off work to recover from your injury), and pain and suffering.

To contact Walgreen’s Corporate office complete the Message Area of their contact page.

Learn more here: Wet Floor Slip and Fall Claims

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We wish you the best with your claim,


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