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Undetected Lyme Disease Leads to Bell’s Palsy…

Submitted By: Christine (Pennsylvania)

In 7/2013 I went to the ER with a major infection from a bite on my shoulder. I had a fever of 101 and chills, and was given Bactrim & Keflex. In 09/2013 I had a repeat ER visit with bites on my ankles. I had the same symptoms of fever with chills, and was again given Bactrim & Keflex. They did no blood work either time.

At both visits I was attended by a physician’s assistant. I went through months of agony with what I thought was a torn rotator cuff. I had sensory tests and MRIs to see I had a highly inflamed Trapezius muscle. I was sent to pain management. In January, 2014 I had to take an ambulance right to the hospital with what I thought was a stroke.

They diagnosed me with Bell’s Palsy and asked if I had a bug bite or previous rashes. I said, “yes, and I was treated in your ER both times.” They ran an immediate test for Lyme disease and it was positive. I’ve had 3 spinals, 3 EKGs, and 3 brain scans. The Lyme Disease caused the Bell’s palsy.

It was

severe enough to have had me on antiviral IV’s in the hospital for a week and now Valtrex and other antivirals. I’m also seeing a neurologist. I think the hospital ER dropped the ball in July 2013. Do I have a malpractice lawsuit? I have all the documentation from all my hospital visits and all prescriptions issued. Thank you.

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Dear Christine,

You may have the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit. You were shrewd to have kept all the medical documentation. Fortunately, there are many highly qualified medical malpractice attorneys in the State of Pennsylvania. You would be best served by contacting several. Don’t rush. With a case as serious as yours, you want to be sure you find an attorney you’re confident in.

Most medical malpractice attorneys do not charge for initial office consultations. Gather all your documentation and begin to make appointments. You can be sure if your case has merit, the attorneys will compete for your case.

Successful malpractice attorneys can provide medical experts, investigators, and an array of other services meant to help win your case. These cases are complex and very expensive to bring to trial. Your attorney will pay all costs in advance. You won’t be responsible for repayment until your case is won or settled. If your case isn’t settled or won at trial you won’t owe the attorney anything.

Learn more here: Claims & Lawsuits for Wrong Diagnosis

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