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Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay Medical Bills?

Submitted By: Anonymous (North Carolina)

I was house-sitting for a friend and fell, there’s no fault or blame. I am 54 years old, unemployed, single and have no health insurance. I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance where they confirmed I had a broken ankle. I need surgery with plates and screws to repair it.

Will their homeowners insurance pay my medical bills? Is there anything I need to do?

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Dear Anonymous,

You should be OK. Falling and injuring oneself in a home whether by fault or not is exactly what Homeowners Insurance is for. There would be little, if any reason why your friend’s insurance company might not want to pay. Those few reasons might be a blatant and purposeful self inflicted injury, or an injury caused during the commission of a crime. Quite obviously neither of those reasons should concern you.

The best thing to do is ask your friend for the telephone number of her insurance company. It’s usually an 800 or 877 toll free number listed somewhere on her Homeowner’s Policy. Be sure to have the policy number with you when you make the call. Someone there will take your name number, and number of the policy, and will advise you that within a short time, normally a few days, a representative will contact you.

The representatives are commonly known as Claims Adjusters. When she calls be prepared to give a clear and honest description of the accident. She may ask you for your permission to record the call. That’s fine. It’s just part of the claims procedure. Tell the adjuster about the medical bills you have already incurred and those, including the cost of surgery, you will incur in the near future.

You should know serious injures like yours may cause future pain and discomfort. As a result be sure when attempting to negotiate a settlement with the Adjuster you require at least 3 times or more than your existing medical bills. Doing so will afford you some assurance any present and future medical bills, lost wages, and even out-of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

Additionally there should be enough money to compensate you for the present and future pain and suffering you may have. The human body wasn’t made with the intention parts of it be held together by screws

As a result the probability of future pain and discomfort is substantially higher than an injury which heals itself.

Learn more here: Homeowner Liability for Injured Workers

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