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Workers Compensation Doctor’s Report…

Submitted By: Linda (Jacksonville, Florida)

My husband was hurt on the job in October of last year. He was placed on workers compensation. He saw an orthopedic doctor who released him on December 21st of last year. His employer has been trying to get paperwork from the 1st doctor so that my husband can go back to work… or that’s what they are saying.

They have not called us once since all of this has happened and we still don’t have any money coming into the house. We need help and some information. No one is returning phone calls and no one seems to know anything, we just don’t know where to turn.

What can we do? Thank you.

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Dear Linda,

Keep calling the workers compensation insurance adjuster who has been handling your husband’s case. If you can’t get a hold of the insurance adjuster then contact the workers compensation representative at your husband’s employment.

If they won’t return your calls go directly to their offices. Don’t just sit back and wait for their telephone calls. You must be “pro-active”. That means not being passive and feeling depressed or overwrought about the problem. Substitute your anger, frustration, and anxiety with action. The old expression “The squeakiest wheel get’s oiled first” seems to apply here.

You and your husband have a right to know the status of your husband’s case. When you say “They” won’t get back to you we aren’t sure if you mean your husband’s employer or the workers compensation insurance adjuster. Either way you both won’t know what the nest step should be until you have all the facts.

Do everything you can legally to confront your husband’s employer and the workers compensation insurance company. Don’t take “no” for an answer. If you can’t get satisfaction, then ask for a supervisor.

You may have to spend a few hours on the telephone at first. Take a legal pad and sit by the phone and start calling. Write down everyone you spoke with, the times you spoke with them and the substance of the conversation.

If all else fails your husband can request a hearing.

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One comment on “Workers Compensation Doctor’s Report…

  1. Anonymous says:

    My original injury was 1-2010 to my knee. I continued working while being treated by a clinic PA. The clinic PA contacted H.R. to authorize physical therapy due to excessive swelling and loss in R.O.M. But was told no.

    I sought the opinion of an orthopedic doctor because my leg & knee were becoming worse. This ortho doctor operated 3-10 diagnosing the injury as a fractured patella, and no cartlidge. He said I’d need a replacement in 3-5 years.

    Workers Comp scheduled an IME exam to return me to work, but I failed. Workers comp had me see another MD who said I needed a big surgery. They sent me to another ortho doctor who did an exploratory in 7-2011.

    My leg & knee still swell excessively and I have never regained full ROM. Now they want me to see yet another doctor.

    Do I have the right to refuse & choose my own after over 2 yrs? My other knee is now hurting as well as my hip & back.

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