Accident Caused by Running a Stop Sign...

by Vicky
(Hildebran, NC)

My daughters, ages 16 and 12, were traveling home from school and were struck by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. The car was totaled and the girls had some minor bruising and abrasions.

EMS looked them over at the site of the crash but that is all the medical attention they received. The other driver's insurance has offered us $250 per girl. Is that a reasonable amount or should it be more?

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ANSWER for "Accident Caused by Running a Stop Sign...":

Vicky (Hildebran, NC):

Because you didn’t mention property damage, we assume the at-fault driver’s insurance company paid the salvage amount for your car.

Offering the amount of $250.00 per daughter is debatable. On the one hand, if your daughters weren’t injured then technically the at-fault driver’s insurance company doesn’t really have to offer any money to compensate your daughters.

In these types of cases though, insurance companies tend to offer between $250.00 - $500.00 dollars per victim.

The concern you should have though is the bill you may receive from the ambulance company. Normally when EMS comes to a scene a bill is generated and sent to the person or persons who were treated. Make sure the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays the ambulance company before agreeing to any settlement.

If the at-fault insurance company has already paid EMS and there aren’t any other bills related to the collision, then tell the at fault driver’s insurance company Claims Adjuster you want $1,500.00 dollars per daughter.

Tell the Adjuster $250.00 dollars is just too low for the trauma your daughters suffered. Hopefully, the Claims Adjuster will agree to pay that amount. If not you might compromise and split the difference at $750.00 dollars per daughter.

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