Personal Injury Settlement Letters: Notification & Demand Letter Examples

These personal injury settlement letters will show you what to include and how to word your correspondence with the insurance company.

Notification Letters for Injury Claims

The letter of notification goes out soon after suffering an injury. It gives notice to the at-fault party, and their insurance company, that you will be pursuing a claim for compensation.

How to Write a Basic Notification Letter to the At-fault Party
Here’s a template and some sample letters to help you write your own letter of notification to the person(s) responsible for your injury.

Sample Letter of Notification to the Insurance Company
It’s best to send a notification letter to both the at-fault party and their insurance carrier. Here you can see a template and look over a few sample letters to an insurance company.

Settlement Demand Letters

The demand letter goes out once you’ve finished treating your injuries and are fully recovered. Only then can you add up your total losses to arrive at a fair demand amount.

Read more about how to construct a demand letter here.

Vehicle Accident Demand Letter Examples:

  • Car Accident – a vehicle was sideswiped while merging onto an expressway exit ramp, causing the driver to crash into the concrete retaining wall
  • Bicycle-Car Accident – a driver made a right-hand turn into a parking lot without checking her sideview mirror and crashed into a cyclist
  • Truck Collision – the driver of a pickup truck is distracted by the radio and rear-ends a car waiting at a stoplight
  • Pedestrian Hit By a Car – a man is hit by a car while walking through a crosswalk on his way to work
  • Motorcycle Accident – in this sample demand letter, a Jeep pulls out in front of a motorcyclist, who crashes and is thrown to the pavement
  • Boat Accident – a drunk boat operator crashes into another vessel
  • Rear-End Collision – a driver negligently crashes into the rear of a car waiting at a red light, causing injuries which needed chiropractic treatment
  • Side-Impact Crash – a reckless driver cuts across multiple lanes without warning and hits the side of the victim’s vehicle
  • Head-on Collision – a woman suffers multiple injuries when a negligent driver crosses over the median and collides head-on with the victim’s car
  • Whiplash Injury – a texting driver negligently pulls out into traffic, colliding with the victim’s vehicle and causing neck injuries
  • Cell Phone Accident – a driver talking on her cell phone fails to stop at a red light and runs into a vehicle crossing the intersection
  • Texting While Driving Accident – an innocent driver is rear-ended at a stop sign by a negligent driver who was texting on her cell phone

Premises Liability Demand Letter Examples:

  • Slip and Fall – leaky misting machines in the produce section of a supermarket cause shopper to fall and injure her knee
  • Retail Store Injury – a customer is injured when she steps on a clothing pin while trying on jeans
  • Supermarket Accident – produce that had fallen from its place onto the floor causes a shopper to slip and injure her ankle
  • Shopping Mall Injury – an escalator step traps a woman’s shoelace, causing her to fall forward and injure her wrists
  • Beauty Salon Negligence – a salon employee didn’t follow the instructions for applying a hair color dye, causing burns to a customer’s scalp
  • Restaurant Injury – a waiter drops plates on a table and the shattered glass causes injuries to one of the guests
  • Slip and Fall in a Bar – a bar patron injures his back when he slips and falls on a puddle of spilled beer in a bar
  • Hotel Accident – a woman’s vacation is ruined when she is scalded by overly hot water in her hotel room’s shower
  • Parking Lot Injury – a shopper walking through a poorly lit parking lot trips and falls in a pothole
  • Slip on Wet Floor – a negligent convenience store fails to cordon off a dangerous spill with a “Caution” sign, causing a shopper to fall and be injured
  • Slip and Fall on Ice – despite numerous complaints from tenants, an apartment complex fails to address accumulated ice and snow
  • Trip and Fall at Apartment – a malfunctioning sprinkler head causes an apartment tenant to trip and injure her leg

Other Demand Letter Examples:

  • Product Liability – a man was burned by a desk lamp due to improper safety labeling
  • Dog Attack – a violent dog attacks jogger due to the owner’s failure to properly restrain her dog

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