Sample Notice and Demand Letters for DIY Personal Injury Claims

Here’s a collection of notification and demand letters for common insurance claims. Look like a pro when handling your own injury claim with our letter formats and practical tips.

Most injury claims to insurance companies are for minor injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, or other premises liability claims like dog bites.

If you’re interested in negotiating your injury claim without an attorney, you can probably get a fair settlement after a few rounds of offers and counteroffers with the claims adjuster.

Severe or complicated injury claims are best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure fair compensation for the injured victim.

Severe or potentially permanent injuries are high-dollar claims that usually require litigation before reaching a settlement. Complex injury claims like medical malpractice or wrongful death typically require extensive legal maneuvering to get anywhere near a fair settlement for the victim.

However, if you’ve recovered from relatively minor injuries, you may be able to successfully handle your own claim directly with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

As soon as possible after the injury, you’ll want to put the at-fault party and their insurance company on notice of your intent to file a claim. Your notice letter might also ask the at-fault party to “preserve” important evidence. For example, if you fall in a store, you’ll want the owner to save the surveillance camera footage for the day of your injuries.

Don’t be surprised if the insurance company offers you a fast payoff in exchange for a full release of the at-fault party. Most of the time, you’re better off waiting until you’ve fully recovered from your injuries before discussing an insurance settlement.

After you’ve fully recovered, you can kick off the negotiations phase of the injury claims process with a formal, written demand for compensation to the insurance company. We’ve compiled an array of sample injury claim demand letters that can help you draft your own demand.

Writing Basic Letters for Injury Claims

How to Write a Basic Notification Letter to the At-fault Party
We help you write your own letter of notification to the party responsible for your injury.

Sample Letter of Notification to the Insurance Company
It’s best to send a notification letter to the insurance carrier in addition to the at-fault party.

How to Write An Effective Demand Letter to the Insurance Company 
Start your claim negotiations with an effective compensation demand to the insurance company.

Vehicle Accident Demand Letter Samples

Car Accident
The victim was sideswiped on the exit ramp, leading to a crash into the concrete retaining wall.

Bicycle-Car Accident
A careless motorist driver made a right-hand turn into a parking lot and crashed into a cyclist.

Truck Collision
The driver of a pickup truck is distracted by the radio and rear-ends a car waiting at a stoplight.

Pedestrian Hit By a Car
A man is hit by a car while walking through a crosswalk on his way to work.

Motorcycle Accident
A  motorist pulls out in front of a motorcyclist, who crashes and is thrown to the pavement.

Rear-End Collision
A driver negligently crashes into the rear of a car waiting at a red light.

Side-Impact Crash
A reckless driver runs a red light and T-bones the victim’s vehicle.

Head-on Collision
A drunk driver crosses the center line and hits the victim head-on.

Whiplash Injury
A distracted driver rear-ends the victim’s vehicle causing neck injuries.

Cell Phone Accident
While on her phone, a driver runs a red light, hitting a vehicle crossing the intersection.

Texting While Driving Accident
An innocent driver is rear-ended at a stop sign by a driver who was texting before the crash.

Premises Liability Demand Letter Samples

Slip and Fall
Leaking water in a supermarket causes a shopper to fall and injure a knee.

Retail Store Injury
Straight pins on the dressing room floor injure a customer while trying on jeans.

Supermarket Accident
A broken bottle of oil causes a shopper to slip and fall with painful results.

Shopping Mall Injury
An escalator malfunction causes a shopper to fall forward and injure her wrists.

Beauty Salon Negligence
A negligent hairdresser causes burns to a customer’s scalp.

Restaurant Injury
Dropped dishes shatter, injuring a customer with flying glass.

Slip and Fall in a Bar
Spilled beer causes a patron to slip and fall, resulting in back injuries.

Hotel Accident
A woman’s vacation is ruined when she is scalded in her hotel room shower.

Parking Lot Injury
A shopper walking through a poorly lit parking lot trips and falls in a pothole.

Slip on Wet Floor
A convenience store is responsible for a customer’s injuries after falling on a wet floor.

Slip and Fall on Ice
An apartment building landlord fails to address accumulated ice and snow.

Trip and Fall at Apartment Complex
A lawn sprinkler hidden by leaves causes an apartment tenant to trip and injure her leg.

Other Demand Letter Samples

Product Liability
A woman is badly burned by a defective desk lamp.

Dog Attack
An innocent jogger is viciously attacked on a public sidewalk by an unrestrained dog.

Boat Accident
A drunk boat operator crashes into another vessel.