Checklists, Worksheets, and Guides to Help You Through Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims can be confusing. Use these downloadable checklists, guides, and worksheets to get organized and handle your claim successfully.

A lot goes into planning and negotiating a successful insurance claim. Here we empower injury victims with user-friendly worksheets to help with all aspects of the claim process. You can download evidence checklists, request forms for medical records and lost income, attorney evaluation worksheets, and more.

Disclaimer: These resources are intended solely for educational purposes and do not constitute legal advice.

Worksheet to Decide If You Need AttorneyWorksheet for Deciding to Handle Your Own Claim
Just because you don’t think your injury claim will turn into a lawsuit, doesn’t mean you’ll be better off handling it without an attorney. Use this free worksheet to help decide if you can successfully negotiate an insurance settlement on your own.

Worksheet for Choosing a Personal Injury AttorneyChecklist for Choosing Attorney
You can make an informed decision about your injury claim only after consulting with an experienced injury attorney. Use this resource for your initial consultation. Your notes, along with your first impressions, can help you decide which attorney is best for you.

Injury Claim File Checklist and Organization GuideInjury Claim File Checklist
Whether you’re handling your own claim or hiring an attorney to represent you, a complete and organized claim file can help you build a stronger case. Use this free Injury Claim File Checklist to organize your critical paperwork and claim evidence.

Claim Negotiation Checklist with Helpful Tips
When you’ve recovered from relatively mild injuries after a car accident or slip and fall, you might be able to successfully negotiate a settlement on your own. Take advantage of this helpful resource as part of your negotiation strategy.

Auto Accident Claims

Download Vehicle Accident Evidence ChecklistCar Accident Evidence Checklist
Successful car accident claims depend on strong evidence. It can be difficult to remember everything you need to collect after a car accident. Use this vehicle accident checklist to gather key evidence at the scene and during your recovery.

Car Accident Information Form
Keep this handy Car Accident Information Form in your car with a pen. Be ready to get the information you need for a successful auto insurance claim. Information from the scene of the accident can help you prove fault and link your injuries to the accident.

Car Accident Hard Cost Checklist previewChecklist for Tracking Hard Costs After a Car Accident
Maximize your final insurance compensation by including all your hard costs with the help of this free Car Accident Damages Checklist. Be sure you claim every dollar you’re entitled to get from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Recorded Statement Planning Worksheet and Cautions
Giving a recorded statement about a car accident to an insurance adjuster can be tricky. Think hard before agreeing to provide a recorded statement without legal representation. If you decide to go ahead, here’s a helpful worksheet you can use to get ready.

Car Accident Claim Notes Checklist and Guide
Car accident notes can strengthen your injury claim. Hard costs are easy to prove, but you’ll need to support your demand for pain and suffering. That’s where your injury claim notes can really make a difference. This Car Accident Notes Guide will help.

Slip and Fall Claims

Download Slip and Fall Evidence ChecklistSlip and Fall Evidence Checklist
You need evidence after a slip and fall to prove the property owner should pay. After a fall injury, it’s difficult to know what you’ll need. Use this slip and fall checklist for gathering key evidence to support your demand for compensation.

Slip and Fall Hard Cost ChecklistSlip and Fall Hard Cost Damages Checklist and Guide
Maximize your slip and fall injury compensation with strong evidence. This checklist makes it easy to capture the hard cost evidence you need. Hard costs are a key component in calculating the value of your slip and fall injury claim.

Dog Attack Injury Claims

Dog Attack Evidence Checklist and Tips for Injury Claims
Use this free resource to be sure you’ve collected as much evidence as possible to support your dog bite claim. When you’ve identified who should pay for your personal injury damages, you’ll want to be ready to file a strong insurance claim.

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