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Research Projects

Fatal Commuter CrashesDriving a longer commute to and from work doesn’t just mean spending more hours in the car and fewer hours at home – it can actually be bad for your physical and mental health.

Intoxicated Injuries – On average, Americans consume 1.4 drinks per day, 9.5 drinks per week, and 494 drinks per year – but when people find themselves on the wrong side of that daily average, things can go south quickly.

Fatal Workplace Injuries – Fatal workplace accidents can and do happen. While employers may aim to create a safe environment for their employees, hazardous moments can happen anywhere and create deadly scenarios.

Most Dangerous Railroad Crossings – Taking the train is a safer travel alternative than driving by car or taking a ferry. But for pedestrians, trains may be fatal. In 2017, railroad trespassing fatalities reached a 10-year high with 575 deaths attributed to trespassing and 888 total train-related accidents.

Perceptions of Danger in Popular Contact Sports – In less than two years, the NFL has paid out over $500 million in concussion settlements to thousands of retired players, and that may just be the beginning.

Ripple Effect of Childhood Bullying – The consequences of childhood bullying have become so detrimental in recent years that they’ve inspired national and global campaigns. Despite visibility and commitments from teachers and institutions to recognize the signs of bullying, it’s important to understand that childhood bullying isn’t exclusive to the classroom.

Human Lives Saved by Robotic Replacements – For academics and average workers alike, the prospect of automation provokes concern and controversy. As the American workplace continues to mechanize, some experts see harsh implications for employment, including the loss of 73 million jobs by 2030.

An Analysis of the Florida Man – The legend of the Florida Man has grown to mythic proportions in recent years, yet until now no one has undertaken a rigorous quantitative approach to understanding the World’s Worst Superhero.

Statistics Projects

Personal Injury Statistics – Explore the most common types of personal injury cases, the median award for plaintiff winners, and which types of cases are most likely (and least likely) to end in victory for the plaintiff.

Dog Bite Injury Statistics – Find out how many people a year are bitten by dogs or die from injuries, which breed is most likely to bite, and other dog bite statistics.

Bicycle Accident Statistics – Get key statistics about bicycle accidents, including the time of day when accidents happen, how helmet use affects the outcome, age and gender of cyclists killed in bike accidents, and more.

Texting and Driving Statistics – Learn about texting and driving stats like the most common age group to drive while distracted, fatalities, and the impact on insurance.

Workplace Injury Statistics – Data from federal research shows how common workplace injuries are, which workers are most at risk, and how much they receive in worker’s comp.

Teenage Car Accident Statistics – Learn how teenage car accidents are likely to happen, from distracted driving to nighttime driving, including statistics on teen driving fatalities.

Drunk Driving Accident Statistics – As this page shows, alcohol-impaired crashes contribute to many fatalities and economic costs in the U.S. each year.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics – Get a review of pedestrian accident statistics, including fatalities, victim demographics, time of day, location, and alcohol involvement.

Nighttime Driving Accident StatisticsShould you drive home late at night? How about while tired? These nighttime car accident stats could help you make a sound decision.

Rideshare Accident Statistics – As Uber and Lyft have become more popular, you may wonder about the safety of rideshare apps. Read on for key rideshare accident statistics.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics – Here are the most current motorcycle crash statistics, including the effects of helmet use, alcohol impairment, and environmental factors.

Self-Driving Cars and Accident Statistics – Are self-driving cars causing more destruction than they’re worth? Learn how car accident statistics are tied to autonomous cars.

School Bus Accident Statistics – Approximately 0.3% of motor vehicle crashes involve buses or school transportation vehicles. Read on for U.S. school bus accident stats.

Elder Abuse Statistics – How prevalent is elder abuse? Who is most vulnerable? Get an overview of relevant statistics so you know how to help.

Gun Accident Statistics – Learn about gun accident statistics, including the number of gun deaths in the US, the cost of fatalities, and the cost of nonfatal injuries.

Large Truck Accident Statistics – What are the causes of most semi-truck accidents? Are drugs and alcohol related? How does it affect other drivers? Learn more below.

Car Accident Head Injury Statistics – Here’s a collection of statistics about brain injuries in car accident victims, from average age to number of deaths to how common this type of injury is.

Office Injury Statistics – Learn how at-risk you are for getting hurt on the job if you work in an office setting.

Non-Fatal Car Accident Statistics – Learn about the types of vehicles and victims involved in non-fatal car accidents, as well as what percentage of car crashes don’t involve any deaths.

Vaccine Injury Statistics – Get the facts on vaccine injuries in the U.S., like how many people are having serious reactions, filing claims, and receiving compensation.

Spinal Cord Injury Statistics – Explore statistics like average medical costs, victim demographics, prevalence, and causes and severity of spinal cord injuries.

Construction Injury Statistics – Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. This guide to construction injury statistics breaks down leading causes of death and injury in this profession.

High School Football Injury Statistics – This comprehensive review of what types of injuries happen on the football field at high schools across America will paint a picture of the risks surrounding this sport.

Forklift Accident Statistics – Get the statistics on what types of injuries occur from forklift usage in the workplace.