Car Accident Case Studies

Case Study: Teen Car Accident and Parental Liability
Here’s the story of a teen car accident involving alcohol served at a graduation party. See how the young host’s parents are held liable for damages.

Case Study: Personal Injury Accident Settlement Negotiations
This case study illustrates why proof of injury is vital for a successful insurance claim. See how a lack of evidence can undermine settlement negotiations.

Case Study: Rear End Collision with Two At-Fault Drivers 
Follow along as we unpack a rear end collision from the moment of impact, through injury treatments and final settlement with the insurance company.

Case Study: Rear-End Accident Injury Claim Story
Learn more about car accident injury claims. This example showcases the insurance claims of multiple injury victims from a three-vehicle rear-end collision.

Case Study: Whiplash Neck Injury Lawsuit
Follow the resolution of a whiplash neck injury lawsuit filed after a rear-end collision. See why medical evidence is vital to a successful whiplash claim.

Case Study: Texting and Teen Driving
Take a look at injury claims following a single-car collision caused by a texting teen. Learn about passenger claims and coverage for teen drivers.

Case Study: Collision from Falling Asleep While Driving
Follow two car accident victims injured when another motorist fell asleep while driving. Learn about auto insurance claims for severe injuries.

Case Study: Hit and Run Accident Personal Injury Claim
Follow along with a hit and run car accident victim from the collision to compensation. Learn about auto insurance claims after a hit and run.

Case Study: Whiplash Injury Insurance Settlements
Here we show you two whiplash injury claims caused by a driver trying to dodge a deer in the road. See how liability is determined and what it takes for the victims to settle their insurance claims.

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