Car Accident Case Examples

Lawsuit Where Both Parties Agree to Settle After Hung Jury
In this whiplash settlement case the plaintiff is seeking damages for injuries sustained in a car accident, but the lawsuit stalls when the jury becomes deadlocked and the judge declares a mistrial.

Vehicle Collision Case Alleging No Serious Injuries
In this back injury case the plaintiff is seeking damages for injuries sustained in a vehicle collision. The defendant submits medical proof showing the plaintiff did not sustain serious injuries.

Lawyer Fails to Present Sufficient Medical Evidence
In this court case, the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer is seeking damages after a car accident, but he can’t prove the plaintiff meets the serious injury threshold. The defendant files to have the case dismissed for lack of evidence.

Parental Liability for a Teenage Car Accident
Two teens got into a bad accident after leaving a friend’s home, where the parents allowed them to drink. Legal actions were brought against the driver for DUI, and the parents for negligence.

Negotiations Fail Due to Lack of Evidence of Serious Injury
In this case, the plaintiff is seeking damages sustained as a result of an auto accident, but he does not sufficiently prove he suffered a serious injury. Negotiations with the insurance company’s claims adjuster break down, and he files a lawsuit.

Spinal Cord Injury After Getting Hit by a SUV
In this spinal cord injury lawsuit the plaintiff is asking the court for damages resulting from being hit by a SUV while waiting in the valet area of a parking lot. He fails to present evidence of serious bodily injury.

Seeking Compensation Without Proof of Serious Injury
In this lawsuit the plaintiff is asking the court for damages for personal injuries sustained as the result of a motorcycle collision. He fails to produce valid medical evidence of serious injury and the case is dismissed with prejudice.

Rear-End Collision with Two At-Fault Drivers
This case illustrates a fairly common accident scenario where a driver is cut-off, slams on their brakes, and is rear-ended by the vehicle behind them. We’ll look at who’s at fault and some other relevant legal issues.

Rear-End Car Accident Story
An all-too-familiar scenario occurs when a driver gets distracted and takes his eyes off the road. Due to poor weather conditions a chain reaction occurs and there are several injured parties. We’ll take a look at who is responsible and why.

Plaintiff Initially Denied Compensation
In this lawsuit the plaintiff is seeking damages for personal injuries sustained in a car crash, however he refused treatment following the accident.

Whiplash Neck Injury in a Rear-end Collision
In this neck injury case the plaintiff is asking the court for damages after being hit from behind while waiting behind a school bus. She fails to present sufficient proof of serious injury.

Previous Ruling Dismissing Case is Overturned
In this case, the plaintiff’s lawyer seeks damages for multiple personal injuries that occurred as the result of a collision. Medical testimony of several doctors is crucial in the outcome.

Texting and Driving Accident
Here we’ll review some of the legal issues involved in a teenage car accident where the sixteen-year-old was texting and driving.

Teen Car Accident Trial Involving a Fatality and Criminal Charges
In this teen car accident the prosecutor is charging the teen driver with criminally negligent homicide for his willfully dangerous actions.

Falling Asleep While Driving
This accident example discusses some of the dangers of falling asleep while driving. Liability is almost always assigned to the driver who falls asleep at the wheel.

Side-impact Hit and Run
In this example a woman is T-boned in an intersection and the at-fault driver flees the scene. The woman can’t file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance.

Accident Caused by Deer
Several people suffer whiplash injuries in this accident case where a woman swerves to avoid hitting a deer. Both injured parties handle their own claims without hiring a lawyer.

Inmates Injured in Auto Accident
A prisoner transport van gets into an accident and the inmates inside are injured. Goverment claims like this one have some unique characteristics. We address some of the relevant legal issues in this case example.

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