Personal Injury Case Examples

Premises Liability

Case Study: Slip and Fall Personal Injury in a Grocery Store
This case study explores what it takes for an injured woman to get the compensation she deserves after a slip and fall. Learn the importance of good evidence in grocery store accidents.

Case Study: Slip and Fall on Premises Under Video Surveillance
See how security cameras can help your injury claim. This case study uses surveillance video to prove the property owner’s liability for a slip and fall.

Case Study: Vicarious Tort Liability for Emotional Distress
This case study illustrates when businesses have to pay for damages caused by employees. Follow this vicarious tort liability claim for emotional distress.

Case Study: Premises Liability Lawsuit for Burn Victim
A badly burned patron files a premises liability lawsuit against a negligent restaurant. Follow along as the victim fights for compensation.

Case Study: Train Station Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit
See how a slip and fall led to a lawsuit against a railroad. This case illustrates how evidence can make or break your injury claim.

Case Study: Lawsuit from a Slip and Fall On Neighbor’s Icy Driveway 
Follow our slip and fall injury victim from the icy driveway to the courtroom. See why statements made at the scene are useful evidence.

Case Study: Denied Claim Leads to Premises Liability Lawsuit
Who pays for injuries on commercial properties? See our injury victim sue two parties to get the compensation she deserves.

Work Injuries

Case Study: Workers’ Compensation Wage Benefit Dispute
This injured employee didn’t let the insurer push her around. See how our victim gets the workers’ comp pay she deserved.

Case Study: Employer Disputes Workers’ Comp Claim
When the boss says you don’t qualify for workers’ comp, get a legal opinion. See how an injured mechanic fights for fair compensation.

Case Study: Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Back Injury
Work-related back injuries happen every day. Here we follow a part-time food server from her injury through the final settlement of her workers’ comp claim.

Case Study: Workers’ Compensation Disability Settlement
Work injuries can happen suddenly or develop over time. Follow one woman’s fight over her workers’ comp disability rating and benefits.

Case Summary: Injured Worker Disputes Return to Work
After crashing the company car, a taxi driver takes his fight to court over his ability to go back to work.

Case Study: Worker’s Compensation for Workplace Assault and Battery
A young worker is beaten and robbed in his employer’s parking lot. Follow his options for injury compensation.

Dog Attacks

Case Study: Injured Jogger Dog Bite Insurance Claim Denied
Learn why the owner’s insurance may not cover dog bites. See how our victim is compensated after her insurance claim is denied.

Case Study: Dog Bite Lawsuit for Severe Facial Injuries
When negotiations fail, our dog bite victim files a lawsuit seeking compensation for facial wounds, including her extreme pain and suffering.

Medical Errors

Case Study: Compensation Claim for Botched Cosmetic Surgery
You have the right to competent care for elective plastic surgery. See how our victim seeks compensation for a botched cosmetic procedure.

Case Study: Malpractice Settlement for Birth Injuries to Child
This study looks at birth injuries caused by negligence. See how the injured child and his family are compensated for medical malpractice.

Case Study: Patient Injured in Ambulance Accident
A vehicle accident further injures a woman on the way to the hospital. See who is liable for injuries caused by ambulance crashes.


Case Study: Defamation of Character and Wrongful Termination
Here we present a defamation of character lawsuit filed against a major restaurant chain. The victim alleges wrongful termination and libel.

Case Study: False Accusation and Arrest Leads to Defamation Lawsuit
A woman arrested for leaving a restaurant without paying sues the owner for defamation of character. See how this slander lawsuit is resolved.

Elder Abuse

Case Study: Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse
When a nurse violently attacks her elderly patient, the victim’s family sues the nursing home for negligence.

Case Study: Nursing Home Sexual Abuse by Facility Employees
A medical exam reveals sexual abuse against an Alzheimer’s patient. The patient’s family files a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Resident Wanders from Assisted Living Facility
A new resident with a history of wandering is not checked-on according to the required schedule and walks out of the facility, resulting in multiple injuries.

Negligence Lawsuit Alleging Stolen Medication
In this case, plaintiffs allege the nursing home failed to provide adequate care for a resident resulting in serious medical problems. The plaintiff’s attorney alleges nursing home staff stole the plaintiff’s medication.

Wrongful Death

Fraternity Hazing Results in Student Death
In this case, a student dies of alcohol poisoning and hypothermia after being left out in the cold by fraternity members during a pledging ritual.

Plaintiff Fights to Keep Trial in Their Own State
In this wrongful death case the plaintiff is seeking damages in New York court for the death of her husband while he was at work on a job in Connecticut.


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