Personal Injury Case Examples

Facial Wounds from Dog Bite in a Cafe
In this dog bite case, the plaintiff attempts to collect damages for severe facial wounds as the result of a dog attack at a cafe.

Dog Bite Settlement Dispute
In this settlement dispute, the plaintiff is seeking damages for being bitten while at a friend’s home. There is disagreement regarding the contingency fee agreement between the plaintiff and her attorney.

Bad Faith Breach of Contract
In the course of this lawsuit, the plaintiff asserts the defendant insurance company denied her claim in bad faith, constituting breach of contract. She is awarded punitive damages by the Court.

Premises Liability Case Examples

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawsuit – This case deals with a common situation where a woman slips on a puddle in the grocery store. The plaintiff argues the store owner is liable since there was no warning of a hazardous condition.

Video Surveillance Proves Negligence – A woman slips on a spilled drink while shopping at the mall and breaks her arm. Video surveillance showed that no mall staff inspected, cleaned or warned shoppers of the hazard for over 2 hours.

Employee Recklessness Causes Emotional Distress
In this case example we review liability as it relates to amusement park employees and their employers. In many instances a business can be held legally responsible for the negligent acts of its employees while they’re working.

Serious Burn Injuries at Private Party
In this premises liability lawsuit the plaintiff seeks damages after he was seriously burned by a heating element while attending a private party at a restaurant.

New York Bed Bug Lawsuit
A honeymoon in New York goes wrong for the 2 plaintiffs in this unique case. The liability of the hotel is in question since this is a novel cause of action.

Attorney Seeking Damages for a Fall in a Parking Lot – In this court case the plaintiff and her injury attorney are seeking damages after the plaintiff fell on ice in a parking lot outside a pizza parlor.

Lawsuit Filed After Commuter Falls on a Train Platform – In this slip and fall accident case the plaintiff alleges negligence on the part of the city-owned train company for having too large a gap between the train and the platform.

Slip and Fall on an Icy Driveway – In this slip and fall lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges the defendant was negligent in not keeping her driveway clear of snow and ice, causing a dangerous hazard and resulting in injury to the plaintiff.

Lawsuit Where Plaintiff Fell While Walking Up a Staircase – In this slip, trip and fall lawsuit the plaintiff is asking the court to award damages sustained as a result of falling on an office building’s defective staircase.

Work Injury Case Examples

Benefits for Independent Contractors
Are independent contractors covered by the company they are temporarily working for? Here we discuss some relevant legal issues, using the example of a construction accident case involving product liability.

Is Housing Included in Compensation?
In this workers comp lawsuit, the plaintiff is making a case that, for the purposes of wage compensation, certain benefits of employment should be included in her benefits.

Insurance Carrier Denied Payment
In this case, the plaintiff (the Special Disability Fund), is refusing payment to a workers’ comp insurance carrier due to a late filing of a request-for-payment form.

Injured by Falling Ice
In this premises liability claim, the plaintiff was injured by a chunk of ice falling off the building where she worked. There was a dispute between the building owner and management company regarding liability.

Auto Mechanic Injured While Not on Shift
Do workers comp benefits still apply if an employee is covering another worker’s shift? What about if the employee is volunteering their time? These are some of the legal issues addressed in this case study.

Waitress Injures Back
This case of a waitress suffering a work injury demonstrates some specifics about workers’ comp coverage. Occasionally, these settlements can come in lump-sum cash offers or can include ongoing medical treatment.

Settlement Pursued for Carpal Tunnel
In this workers’ comp case, the plaintiff, a secretary, is seeking damages from her employer for wrist injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Plaintiff Wants More Injury Compensation
In this accident case, the plaintiff asks for damages over and above the normal workers’ compensation payments, but he fails to present enough evidence to convince the court.

Fraudulent Auto Insurance Claims
In this case, a major insurance company is defrauded by a group of individuals claiming false injuries from bogus car accidents. The District Attorney’s office is involved and criminal charges are filed against the perpetrators.

Assault and Battery in a Parking Lot
In this case example an employee is assaulted in the parking lot while leaving work. There is obviously criminal liability for the assault, but the employer bears some responsibility for not fixing an unsafe condition on their property.

Injured in a Fall at Work
In this premises liability lawsuit, the plaintiff asks the court for compensation for injuries sustained in a fall at work. The plaintiff previously signed a settlement agreement but believes he was deceived and now wants more money.

Product Liability Case Example

Improperly Assembled Display Chair
In this claim example, the plaintiff was injured when he sat on a chair that collapsed. The chair was improperly assembled and on display in a furniture store at the time of his injury.

Dog Attack Case Examples

Pit Bull Attacks Jogger
In this case a pit bull attacks a jogger in a public park. The dog owner did not have a dog bite insurance policy and paid the settlement out of his personal savings.

Postman Knocked Down
In this case a large Labrador jumped up on a postman, knocking him to the ground. The mail carrier suffered a broken tailbone which caused excruciating pain.

Boy Attacked by Neighbor’s Rottweiler
In this dog bite injury claim the plaintiff, a young boy, and his parents are seeking damages for injuries sustained after the boy was attacked by a neighbor’s Rottweiler.

Wild Animal Attacks Zoo Patrons
Attacks involving wild animals are held to a different standard of liability than those involving domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. Here we present a case where a zoo failed to properly secure a leopard which results in several injuries.

Medical Error Case Examples

Plaintiff Is Unable to Contact Her Dentist
In this dental malpractice claim, the plaintiff alleges her dentist departed from his duty of care to her. He went on vacation while she landed in the hospital with an infected mouth.

Plastic Surgery Horror Story
This case study illustrates what can happen when you don’t do your due diligence on a physician. Read about the liability factors and settlement negotiations in a botched breast implant case.

Unprepared for Laparoscopic Surgery
A doctor fails to give his patient pre-surgery instructions and doesn’t review her chart adequately, resulting in her vomiting violently during the procedure.

Birth Injury Lawsuit for Permanent Brain Damage
In this case, the doctor was not available when needed due to his own apathy, and did not order a cesarean section when it was clearly indicated, resulting in the infant suffering permanent brain damage.

Ambulance Accident Liability
Normally, emergency personnel are immune from liability. But if they don’t follow protocol, and their negligent actions cause further harm, they can be held liable for injuries.

Defective Intubation Tube Causes Brain Damage
In this lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking damages from doctors and the hospital for brain damage received during surgery. The hospital in turn files a “cross action” suit against the manufacturer of the faulty intubation tube which caused the damage.

Other Case Examples

Private School Playground Accident
This case example deals with a child being injured on a private school’s playground. There are two theories of liability discussed: negligence on the part of the school, and product liability on the part of the equipment manufacturer.

Fall on a Basketball Court
In this personal injury case the plaintiff is asking for damages after getting injured while running in a basketball drill. She was participating in a basketball camp on school grounds at the time.

Second-hand Asbestos Exposure
In this case, a woman who worked at a dress factory was exposed to asbestos and tracked the fibers home on her clothes, exposing her sister. Both women eventually developed mesothelioma.


False Statements on a Termination Form
A plaintiff attempts to recover damages for defamation and wrongful termination from his job. The Court finds in favor of the defendants, since they only communicated statements originally made by others.

Internet Defamation Case Involving Libelous Web Reviews
In this internet defamation lawsuit the plaintiff seeks damages for libelous reviews of their company posted online by an unhappy customer.

False Arrest for Not Paying Restaurant Bill
The plaintiff is asking the court to award damages for false arrest. She was accused and arrested for not paying her bill at a restaurant, when in fact a bus boy had stolen her cash payment.

Lawsuit Filed Against Employees
The plaintiff seeks damages from two former workers who tried to start a new business while still working for the plaintiff. They made slanderous remarks about their employer to try and convince clients to switch to their new firm.


Domestic Abuse: Years of Verbal Assault Leads to Divorce
In this court case the plaintiff is seeking a divorce on various grounds including cruel and inhuman treatment and verbal assault.

Elder Abuse

Failure to Adequately Screen Staff
In this lawsuit, a nurse with prior misdemeanor battery offenses was not adequately screened by the facility where she was hired. She ultimately assaulted a resident.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse by Employee
In this sexual abuse lawsuit, criminal charges were filed against an attendant who sexually abused a female resident numerous times.

Resident Wanders from Assisted Living Facility
A new resident with a history of wandering is not checked-on according to the required schedule and walks out of the facility, resulting in multiple injuries.

Negligence Lawsuit Alleging Stolen Medication
In this case, plaintiffs allege the nursing home failed to provide adequate care for a resident resulting in serious medical problems. The plaintiff’s attorney alleges nursing home staff stole the plaintiff’s medication.

Wrongful Death

Fraternity Hazing Results in Student Death
In this case, a student dies of alcohol poisoning and hypothermia after being left out in the cold by fraternity members during a pledging ritual.

Plaintiff Fights to Keep Trial in Their Own State
In this wrongful death case the plaintiff is seeking damages in New York court for the death of her husband while he was at work on a job in Connecticut.

Drinking and Driving Fatality
This case deals with the unfortunate consequences of driving under the influence. A woman dies and a man is paralyzed from the waste down. We’ll examine issues of liability and compensation.

Anesthesia Wrongful Death Case Appealing a Previous Award
In this appeal case, the defendant thought the original jury award was excessive and is asking to the have the initial award of punitive damages reduced.

Death From Fall and Staph Infection
In this case, the plaintiff is seeking damages from a nursing home for failing to provide adequate care, causing the victim to break her hip and ultimately die from a staph infection while at the hospital.


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