Slip and Fall Claims and Premises Liability: How to Get Fair Compensation

People are injured daily by slip and falls and other accidents on someone else’s property. Here’s how to get compensation from the homeowner or business.

Premises liability is the body of law which makes the person or company in possession of land or a building responsible for injuries suffered by individuals on the property.

The premises may be owned or under the control of a homeowner, a company, a government agency, or an agent representing the owner, such as private correctional facility management companies.

Property owners or management won’t always be on the hook when someone gets hurt. Whether you’re filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, you’ll need to show:

  1. The property owner knew or should have known of the danger
  2. The property owner did not take reasonable actions to remove the danger or protect others from harm
  3. If not for the property owner’s negligence, you would not be injured

Slips, trips, and falls are the number one reason for premises liability claims and lawsuits. Here’s What You Need to Know About Liability in Slip and Fall Injury Claims.

Premises Liability: The More You Know

Knowledge is power, and here’s where you can learn about the legal principles and rules that give you the right to financial compensation – in plain language.

We’ve also provided free letter samples to help you communicate with confidence.

What to Do in the First 10 Minutes After a Slip and Fall
Learn what to do immediately following a slip and fall accident. Protect your rights and maximize your injury compensation payout.

Help Your Slip and Fall Claim by Taking Photos of the Accident
Learn how taking photos and video after a slip and fall can help boost your injury compensation. Get the settlement you deserve using photographic evidence.

Organize Slip and Fall Documents for a Stronger Injury Claim
Take control of your slip and fall claim by organizing essential documents. Organize your paperwork like a pro to build a stronger injury claim.

Slip and Fall Evidence: What You’ll Need to Win Your Claim
The burden is on you to prove your slip and fall claim. Learn what kind of evidence you’ll need to get the injury compensation you deserve.

How Does an Insurance Company Handle a Slip and Fall Claim?
Learn the strategies insurers use when handling slip and fall accident claims. Gain the knowledge you need to boost your injury compensation payout.

The Essential Guide to Starting a Strong Slip and Fall Injury Claim
Learn the elements you need for a strong slip and fall injury claim. Here’s the essentials for maximizing your compensation from the insurance company.

Do You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer to Settle Your Injury Claim?
Decide if you can handle a slip and fall claim on your own and when you need an attorney. See when legal help can boost compensation.

How a Recorded Statement Can Ruin Your Slip & Fall Injury Claim
Learn about the use of recorded statements in your slip and fall claim. What you say may decrease your injury compensation, so know your options.

Duties of Property Owners and Visitors
Find out when property owners should pay for injuries and when visitor liability can get them off the hook.

What You Need To Know About Causation in Slip and Fall Injury Claims
You’ll have to show that a property owner caused your slip and fall injury to get fair compensation. Learn how to prove causation in a premises liability claim.

Establishing Property Owner Liability for Your Injury Claim
Here’s what you should know about proving property owner liability for a successful insurance claim.

Injury Claims Against the Government
Understanding the Federal Tort Claims Act, local tort claims laws, and how to file an effective injury claim.

Using Building Codes to Win Your Case
How using local building codes can strengthen your injury claim against a negligent property owner.

Sample Injury Notification Letter
Get your claim started with proper notification to the property owner of your intent to seek compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Sample Demand for Compensation
We’ve made it easy to look like a pro with this settlement demand template and instructions.

10 Tips for Negotiating Hard Costs After a Slip and Fall Accident
Take these tips to get the insurance company to cover all your expenses after a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property.

8 Tips for Negotiating Pain and Suffering Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries 
Get negotiation tips you can use to convince the insurance company to pay for your pain and suffering after a slip and fall accident.

Sample Insurance Negotiations for a Slip and Fall Accident
Follow sample claim negotiations between a slip and fall victim and the insurance company, along with helpful hints throughout the dialogue.

Business Liability for Injuries

If you’ve been injured on a business property due to owner or employee negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Here’s where we unpack the most common business locations for personal injuries, and what you need to know to build a strong claim.

Retail Store Injury Claims
Learn about your right to legal protection and compensation when you slip and fall or suffer other injuries at a retail store.

Restaurant Liability for Injuries
Whether you broke your arm slipping on spilled salsa or were hospitalized from food poisoning, the restaurant may be liable for your injuries.

Casino Accident and Injury Claims
Here’s what you need to know about commercial and tribal casino liability for injuries, and how to build a strong personal injury claim.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Accidents
Have you or a loved one been injured in a supermarket or grocery store accident? Find out what it takes to get fair compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Bar and Nightclub Injury Claims
Who pays when you’re hurt in a bar or nightclub? Here’s what you need to know about getting reimbursed for your injuries.

Hotel Accident and Injury Claims
Is hotel management responsible for your injuries? Find out how to get the settlement you deserve for injuries at a hotel or resort.

Clothing Store Liability for Injuries
How to prove liability and get full compensation for injuries suffered in a retail clothing or department store.

Injured at the Gym?
Learn what insurance companies don’t want you to know about gym and fitness center injury claims. You can get fairly compensated for your losses.

Shopping Mall Accident Claims
Who pays when you’re hurt at the mall? Here’s what you need to know about filing an insurance claim for shopping mall accidents and injuries.

Church Injury Claims
Think you can’t sue a church? Think again. Here’s what you need to know about church liability and how to get compensated for your injuries.

Beauty Salon Injury Claims
If beauty salon negligence has left you burned, scarred, or suffering from infection, here’s how to get the compensation you deserve.

Amusement Park Accidents
Negligent amusement park and carnival operators are responsible for thousands of accidents every year. Here’s how to seek restitution for your amusement park injuries.

Convenience Store and Gas Station Injury Claims
Learn how to build a strong insurance claim for your slip and fall accident or other gas station injury.

Tattoo Parlor Injuries
How to file an injury claim with a negligent tattoo parlor’s insurance company. Don’t settle for less if you’ve suffered from a botched tattoo or piercing.

Haunted House Injury Claims
People of all ages enjoy haunted houses – until there’s an accident. Here’s what you need to know about seeking compensation for haunted house injuries.

Home and Apartment Injury Claims

Homeowners insurance can be confusing. People often don’t know what their policy does and doesn’t cover, or how to file an insurance claim when injured.

When you’re injured in someone else’s home or apartment, it helps to understand all your options for seeking fair compensation.

Essential Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance
Think your homeowner’s policy will pay if you fall off a ladder? Think again. Get the facts on who is and isn’t covered when injured in your home.

Homeowner Liability for Injuries
Who pays if you’re hurt in someone else’s home or yard? Learn how to demand fair injury compensation from a homeowner policy or renter’s insurance.

Injured Workers and Hired Help
Learn when a homeowner is liable for injuries to workers. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a repairman, landscaper, nanny, housekeeper or any other worker in a private home.

Apartment Accidents and Injury Claims
Your landlord is required to provide a safe living space. Here’s how to get the settlement you deserve for apartment building injuries.

Landlord Liability for Tenant Injuries
Landlord problems? Here’s how to seek fair compensation when you or your child have been injured in a rented home, apartment, or public housing complex.

Injury Claims and Special Circumstances

People get injured in all sorts of places and circumstances. You may not know who is responsible for maintaining the property where you were injured.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do or who contact about injuries that occur in common places like sidewalks and parking lots.

Or you may not know what to do when an employee injures you, and the negligent person’s employer tries to shirk responsibility for your damages.

Persons who are incarcerated or under treatment for substance abuse are at a distinct disadvantage when they’re injured because of facility negligence. It’s important to know what you’re up against and where to find help.

Learn about your legal rights to injury compensation under these special circumstances.

Pedestrian Injuries in Parking Lots and Garages
Build a winning claim for pedestrian parking lot injuries. Get fair compensation for a slip and fall, assault, or getting hit by a car in a parking facility.

Sidewalk Injury Claims
Slip, trip and fall injuries from damaged or icy sidewalks can change your life. Here’s what you need to know to seek fair restitution for your damages.

Injuries on Government Property
If you are injured on public property, you deserve fair compensation. Here’s how to file a successful injury claim against federal and local governments.

Employer Liability for Employee Negligence
Find out when you can seek financial restitution from the employer of a worker who caused your injuries. Follow the money and get what you deserve.

Injured in Jail or Prison
Prisoners injured in jail or prison have a right to seek compensation. Here’s what inmates need to know about injury claims against correctional facilities.

Rehab Center Injury Compensation
Negligent alcohol and drug rehab centers can cause serious injuries. Here’s how to get the settlement you or your loved one deserve.

Attractive Nuisance: Compensation for Children Injured While Trespassing
Learn when children and their parents are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by an attractive nuisance on someone else’s land.

Common Causes of Serious Injuries

It’s the owner’s responsibility to avoid liability by keeping their property free from dangers, yet millions are severely injured every year. Get the latest on the most common causes of serious injuries on public and private properties.

Slip and Falls on Ice and Snow
Negligent property owners can be held liable if you were injured by a slip and fall on ice or snow. Learn how to get the compensation you deserve.

Wet Floor Slip and Fall Claims
Here’s what you need to know about “wet floor” signs and injury compensation. Don’t settle for less after a bad slip and fall on wet floors.

Stair Accident Injury Claims
Stair and escalator injuries happen daily because of property owners’ negligence. Learn how to get fair compensation for trips and falls on dangerous stairs.

Shared Blame for Injury-Accidents

Insurance companies won’t hesitate to blame you if it gives them an excuse to deny or reduce your injury compensation. Learn about the fault-sharing laws for the state where you were injured.

Pure Contributory Fault
Learn why the insurance company can deny your injury claim in contributory negligence states, and how you can fight back.

Pure Comparative Fault
Under pure comparative negligence laws, you can seek compensation even if you’re 99 percent at fault for the circumstances leading to your injuries.

50% Modified Comparative Fault
You can still get compensation, even if you share some blame for the accident. Learn how the 50 percent comparative fault rule will affect your claim.

51% Modified Comparative Fault
Learn how insurance companies use the 51% bar to reduce or deny compensation to injury victims. Here’s how to get the settlement you deserve.


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