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Are workers comp doctors giving me the run around?

Submitted By: Anonymous (USA)

I fell off a ladder at work on September 13, 2010. My shoulder has had the same pain ever since that day. First I went to a shoulder doctor and he said the pain was in my neck. Then I went to neck doctor and he ordered several epidurals – and the doctor that did them said it would not work. Then they had me do a nerve test.

Now they say the pain that travels from my neck to my fingers is caused by carpal tunnel in my wrist. I have no wrist pain but I continue to have severe shoulder pain. They want me to use my own insurance to get a doctor to tell me that the carpal tunnel is not the cause of the shoulder pain, then they will do something. They are not planning on doing anything else for 2 months.

I feel like they are giving me the run around for some reason. What should I do?

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Dear Anonymous,

It would be interesting to know if your company is large enough to be required to carry Workmans Compensation insurance. If it is you have a right to see one of the doctors on the list available to employees who are injured. If you are refused access to their doctors you should see your own doctors. The most important issue is your health and you should not jeopardize it for any reason.

If your employer will not afford you access to one of the doctors on the list you should consider contacting their insurance company by yourself. Doing so is neither illegal or inappropriate, especially under the circumstances.

In the alternative, if your employer is not required to have Workmans Compensation insurance and still refuses to help you, we strongly suggest you seek the medical care necessary. You should then present the medical bills to your employer and ask her to reimburse you, or if not yet paid, to pay the doctor directly.

Finally, if you are unsuccessful under either scenario, you should contact a Personal Injury or Workmans Compensation Attorney. Most will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation. Doing so may allay your fears about your future.

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