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Assaulted by sister in my home…

Submitted By: Tina (Florida)

My sister, who was a guest in my house, was drunk and assaulted me when I asked her to calm down while screaming at her husband. I touched her arm and asked her to please calm down and sit down.

She then hit me, knocking me to the floor, then jumped on top of me and punched me in the face approximately 20 times, causing my nose to bleed, blood to come out of my ear and mouth, severe black eyes and a cracked nose.

I am disabled and she knew that but did not care. My son came home and saw how beat up I was and called the police the next morning. They took my statement and pictures.

My sister had already fled with her husband. Now he is taking her side and saying I pulled her hair for no reason, which is entirely untrue.

She now is calling family members and threatening to file assault charges on me because her hair got pulled (but only after she was on top of me!), threatening to call the IRS to cause me to be audited, and call social security and say I am not disabled (which I have been for 3 years – I have many medical doctors and records that confirmed that before I ever received disability).

She’s just threatening me with all kinds of things so I won’t prosecute her. Now she is saying she is going to the state’s attorney office on Monday to file charges against me because she said her husband is a witness that I pulled her hair for no reason, which is entirely untrue. What can I do in this situation? Thank you.

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Dear Tina,

The first thing that comes to mind is to call your sister and tell her you would like to sit down and speak with her – sister to sister. See if you can work it out. When it comes down to it, you are sisters, and taking legal action should be a last resort.

There is nothing you can legally do to stop her from contacting the IRS, Social Security, or the State’s Attorney. There is also nothing you can do to prevent her husband from testifying against you.

If you can’t work it out with your sister, you can call the local police department and file your own criminal charges against her. Once you do, there is a chance your sister may be arrested. All that will do is further alienate both of you. If that is acceptable to you, then go ahead and file charges against her for the assault and harassment.

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