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Both drivers left the scene?

Submitted By: Gabby (USA)

I was driving in my town and was waiting at a red light. I had the turn signal to go, and as I was turning, a driver came through the turn signal, and slightly slid past my car, bumping into me.

Both parties stopped for a second out of shock, but the other driver kept driving.

In this case scenario, can anything happen to both parties since no license plate number was able to be taken down? Can one side go after the other? I’m concerned. Thanks.

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Dear Gabby,

From the facts you present, it is very unlikely any legal action will take place. It is obvious no one was injured. If you are concerned the other driver may later claim whiplash, or some other injury, your fears should be allayed. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence supporting an injury claim.

The worst case scenario would be if the driver were to file a claim with your insurance company for the repairs to his or her car. Inasmuch as the driver sped away without exchanging information, it is very unlikely that scenario will occur.

In the very unlikely scenario the other driver decides to claim some injury, it would be virtually impossible for him or her to find an attorney to accept the case.

In the driver decides to claim an injury, you will receive a letter from his or her insurance company requiring you to refer the matter to your insurance company.

To cover all possibilities, contact your insurance company and report the accident. By doing so your premiums will not be affected. Premiums are only affected when an insurance company has to pay out money. Moreover, your insurance contract likely requires you to report ANY accident to them.

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