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Broken foot after hardwood fell in Lowe’s…

Submitted By: Anonymous (New York, New York)

While in the hardwood department at Lowe’s, we were asked to grab our own box of hardwood from the shelf. As we were standing looking at someone else, the box fell and broke my foot.

We were never asked to for a cart, or help or to bring the heavy box to the register, yet we were speaking with a store clerk who pointed to the box for us.

To me it seems they were negligent by not asking if they could assist us or carry the box to the front. Can I get my medical bills paid for? Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Dear Anonymous,

Based on the facts you present, if it can be shown the hardwood was improperly restrained by Lowe’s, then such lack of restraint would have constituted negligence.

The issue of a Lowe’s employee failing to carry the box of hardwood to the front area of the store may not be sufficient to constitute negligence. This is based on the argument you were just as able to secure one of the carts available for employees and customers to use when transporting goods from the aisles to the front of the store for payment, and failed to do so.

Assuming Lowe’s did fail to properly restrain the hardwood, they should be responsible for your damages. Damages can include your medical bills, related out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and an amount for your pain and suffering.

Hopefully, at the time you were injured you reported the injury to Lowe’s management. If so, it is likely they created an “Incident Report” detailing the events surrounding your injury.

Contact Lowe’s Corporate Offices at:

401 Elkin Highway
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone: (336)658-4000

Report your injury and ask to be compensated for your damages. After initiating an investigation Lowe’s will decide if they are going to compensate you or not. If they deny your claim, you may consider retaining the services of a personal injury attorney.

Learn more here: Retail Store Injury Claims

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One comment on “Broken foot after hardwood fell in Lowe’s…

  1. Lou says:

    I bought a refrigerator from LOWES approx 1 month ago. Before paying, I informed the salesperson that assistance in loading it on their rented truck would be needed. He assured me help would be available. After paying, their associate wheeled the fridge to the loading area while I picked-up their rental truck. I returned and asked their associate where is the help, “no one is available”.

    We attempted to load the fridge onto the truck, the fridge slipped out of my hands, causing a snap to right bicep muscle. A customer witnessed the incident and rushed to assist us. I complained to the service desk staff that more than one associate should be available when a customer is purchasing large appliances. They replied, “we do have assistance”. I informed them that I was told by their associate that no one was available.

    Apparently the associate who helped me has a disability and did not know any better, or at least that was the impression the service desk staff gave me. Why would Lowes have a person with a disability helping with heavy loadings? Also, the staff at the service desk did not show any concern for my injury…did not make any recommendations to contact anyone…

    A week later, I called and spoke to the store manager, again, no apology/ no concern. He gave me a wrong phone number to their headquarters and told me to talk to them… he displayed no concern. I looked up the correct phone number to their headquarters, they filed an incident report and was told someone would contact me to further discuss.

    No one called. Another week past, I called them again and was told they are not liable. Meanwhile, I have a $2k ER bill and a right bicep area that hurts and is deformed. Any suggestions? The entire incident can be reviewed on their LOWES security cameras. Thank you, Lou.

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