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Burned while getting a waxing at a salon…

Submitted By: Angel (Columbus, Ohio)

I went to a salon and had an eyebrow waxing done. When I went home to wash my face it burned like a lit match. The next day the area that was waxed turned dark brown. It’s practically the size and length of my entire eyebrow.

I don’t know what to do. I work in a dental office and see patients everyday. This is highly embarrassing! What do I do?

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Dear Angel,

The first action is to have someone take many photographs of your face. Have as many taken as possible using a digital camera. Take them in different light. The more photographs taken the better the chance of having several of them come out just right.

Then take some time off from work and see your family physician. Hopefully she will refer you to a dermatologist.

At or about the same time you should contact the salon. Identify yourself and ask for the manager or owner. Explain what happened and tell her you’ve been seeking medical attention. Do not be threatening, or allow your emotions to come through. Although you have a right to be upset, letting the anger come through now would be inappropriate.

Ask them for the name of their insurance company. Tell them you want to file a claim; that you are not sure there will be any problems, but you want to at least report to them what happened in case you have permanent scarring, or suffer some other continuing medical problem.

Regrettably, many times store owners are hesitant to give their insurance information to customers. They don’t want injury claims to be filed against them because they’re concerned their insurance premiums may rise.

If the salon owner or manger will not cooperate you might suggest to them your intention is not to sue them, but because you may have medical bills to pay as a result of the burn to your skin, you want their insurance company to pay. It’s only fair.

If they still will not cooperate you may have to consult with a Personal Injury Attorney. Most will not charge for an initial office consultation. You will then know what your legal rights are, and what you can expect in the near future.

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