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Can I get compensation after being shot in a home invasion?

Submitted By: Binito (Immokalee, FL)

I was shot in a home invasion while visiting someone’s home. I lost my right leg femur and have two metal rods in place now. I’m wondering if I can hold the homeowner responsible for my injuries and maybe get compensation from his homeowner’s insurance. What do you think? Thanks.

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Dear Binito,

You are right on target Binito. Recovering money for your injuries from the homeowner may be difficult, unless you will be able to prove he or she knew a home invasion was about to take place and invited you in anyway; or if they had a very good feeling there might be a home invasion.

That may present a problem of its own. If you had reason to believe the home was one in which illicit or illegal activities were going on and despite knowing that you went anyway, that might preclude or at least inhibit your chances of prevailing against the homeowner personally.

Alternatively, if the owner’s Homeowners Policy was in effect at the time of your injuries you would have a much better chance of prevailing.

That is one of the main reasons one has Homeowners Insurance. It is to protect the homeowner if his “invitees”, like yourself are injured on the premises.

The best course of action would be to immediately, or as soon as is reasonably possible, ask the homeowner for his Homeowners policy information, specifically their telephone number. At the same time request a copy of the Police Report. That will be solid evidence of the undeserved trauma you suffered.

Then collect all of your medical bills and any out of pocket expenses you incurred during your initial treatment right through to the day your treatment and recovery was as complete as it might be under the circumstances.

At that point it would be a very good idea to seek the advice of a qualified and experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

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