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Can I sue homeowner’s insurance policy for assault?

Submitted By: Tina (Las Vegas, NV)

My boyfriend beat me up badly causing contusions, abrasions, lacerations and severe bruising and swelling. I missed a job interview today because of the damage to my face, neck and arms.

A police report was filed and CSI took pictures at the scene. The attack happened in a home owned by his nephew, where we live. Do I have an option to sue against their homeowners insurance for damages? Is there any other way to get compensation for my injuries? Thank you.

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Dear Tina,

You ask if a person is assaulted on another’s property if the resident homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the cost of treatment and other costs related to the intentional assault. Homeowners policies very often include coverage for injuries which occur on the homeowners property. That coverage normally includes injuries resulting from an assault.

It’s important to be sure your boyfriend’s nephew had invited your boyfriend onto the property. From the facts you present it seems a logical presumption your boyfriend did have permission to be there.

Contact your boyfriend’s nephew and ask for the name of his homeowners insurance company and the policy number. Because of the obvious acrimony between you and your boyfriend it may be fair to say acquiring this information will not be easy.

When injuries are purposely inflicted by another the courts often award compensation for the medical costs of the treatment, additional monies for Pain and Suffering, and possibly even punitive damages.

There are times when we believe a person should be able to represent themselves in a claim for damages. There are other times when legal representation from a skilled Personal Injury Attorney would be a more prudent decision. In your case, especially because of the roadblocks you may encounter, we suggest you seek the advice and counsel of a skilled Personal Injury Attorney.

A skilled Attorney has the legal tools necessary to acquire all the necessary information necessary to pursue a claim against your boyfriend and the homeowner. They are both liable for the injuries you sustained

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The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    My step son was was at his friend’s house and they were having a fire. His friend threw gas on the fire as my step son was putting wood in the fire. Can I sue the homeowners for doctor bills and pain and suffering?

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