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Case Value for Broken Finger and Lifelong Pain?

Submitted By: Teri (Los Angeles, CA)

I was in an auto accident. The insured admitted fault to their insurance company. I accepted a settlement for my kids who had minor injuries, however I broke my little finger and opted not to have surgery per the doctors recommendations (including a specialist).

The accident was 5 months ago and I still have a splint and it’s still in a lot of pain. The insurance company wants to settle. I will have pain in this finger for the rest of my life (per doctors) due to the way it was broken. I do not want surgery and I type for a living and my finger is still in a lot of pain.

I know the insurance company is going to come back with a low amount, but I think because of my job, pain and the suffering I am going to have (and I will not be able to do the things I use to) I would ask for a large amount over 200k.

I do not know what the value would be but even 200k is low to me for what I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. Any advice?

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Dear Teri,

Settlement amounts are based upon medical expenses, therefore, unless your medical bills are in the range of $65,000 to $70,000, you might be disappointed to seek $200,000 as a settlement figure.

In order to be realistic, you must take a look at your medical expenses and multiply that figure by 2.5 – 3 times.

This is a comfortable baseline settlement figure to begin with.

I would not suggest surgery unless you actually need it. Surgery is expensive, however and it would serve to increase your medical expenses which would ultimately raise the settlement offer.

Learn more here: Permanent Injury Settlements

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2 thoughts on “Case Value for Broken Finger and Lifelong Pain?

  1. says:

    Brother, I feel your pain. I was pulling a classic car out of my shop and the 1955 Pontiac took off on me. I tried hitting the brakes and nothing. I tried pulling the emergency brake and nothing. So I tried steering the car outside the shop with no brakes and almost made it outside but… I clipped the corner of this beautiful classic WITH NO BRAKES and bounced off the corner wall outside.

    I almost hit another classic that was sitting outside the shop. Finally it stopped on its own. So come to figure out when I was turning the steering wheel my finger got caught in the horn housing and it twisted my pinky till it broke in three places.

    Now I’m in serious pain due to having to use that finger at work. I have to have a pin put through the top of my pinky to my hand after they re-brake it. The owner of the car knew the brakes were bad, but then they turned into no brakes obviously since the car sat in the same place prior to knowing it had bad brakes.

    I have a case but I don’t know how much it will pay. I do know I have 5 kids to take care of and it’s almost impossible to do my line of work in this condition. I have to keep going through the pain for my kids because they depend on me.

    So should I sue this guy for negligence of the brakes? Can I get something for my medical bills that keep piling up and my pain and suffering?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My brother got hit by a dump truck and his head was broken open, his entire right side of his body from the ribs to his arm had broken bones and they don’t even wanna give him any money.

    If you ask me I’d say 200k is way way to much for a little broken finger pain. I’ve been hit a few times while riding my bike in the past by drivers who don’t know how to pay attention while turning or coming around corners, and I’ve never asked for any money for any of them.

    I’ve also been suffering from a lot of pain though my whole body. The pain is so bad that I can’t even do a single push up anymore. But I have to live with that cause there is no cure.

    I also recently broke a finger on my right hand and the tip of the finger is really bent to the side, but only when I close my hand. The pain is bad but I’ve been through so much that I’ve learned to live with it… and so can you.

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