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Casino Slot Machine Causes Knee Injury…

Submitted By: Mary (Albrightsville, PA, USA)

I was playing a casino slot machine on mothers day and a door on the machine sprung open and hit me in the knees. The slot attendant said whomever did the work on it last did not put it together correctly and this is what happened. They told me to put ice on it and I filled out an accident report.

I saw my doctor. The knee is swollen still and locks up. I am on disability also with multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

Do you think I have a personal injury case? Can I get compensation for pain and suffering? Thanks.

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Dear Mary,

If your physician can write a Medical Narrative, including a Diagnosis and Prognosis confirming the slot machine door caused an isolated and unique injury to your knee, you might be able to convince the casino to pay you for your medical bills.

Normally a swollen knee in and of itself is not a sufficient basis for a personal injury case. Your present serious illnesses should not be a factor in the new injury.

Learn more here: Casino Accidents and Injury Claims

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One comment on “Casino Slot Machine Causes Knee Injury…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about your knee injury resulting from the slot machine opening and striking your knees.

    On 01/04/2011, I was sitting comfortably in front of the Slot Machine. I was ready to leave for the night when I pressed the Maximum Bet Button ($2.00) when all of the sudden the “Belly Door” opened falling downward striking my legs. I pressed the red Service Button on the slot machine surrounded by many witnesses when a female security asked me what happened and if I wanted to complete an Incident Report.

    She contacted head of security to bring me the Incident Report Form to complete. In the meantime, still seated in front of the slot machine, the female security person reached in front of me and grabbed the Belly Door and slammed it shut when it bounced back and struck my legs for the second time within minutes.

    I have a torn right meniscus, muscle damage and sciatic nerve damage due to the way I was seated in front of the slot machine. I cannot find one attorney in the Wilkes-Barre area to represent me. My orthopedic surgeon recommended Physical Therapy but my insurance would not cover it.

    However, I did contact a Philadelphia Law Firm that specializes in Casino Injuries, but they said it would cost me too much for them to drive up here and represent me. Good Luck Mary!

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