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Compensation for 5 lost teeth?

Submitted By: Michael (Belvidere, IL)

I was trying to get out of a tractor-trailer. The door would not open from the inside, and I leaned out to the outside and tried the handle out their with no luck. Then I tried to sit down again in my seat, while another driver got the keys to unlock the door from the outside. I was reaching down for my pen which I dropped on the side, and then I hit the door with my mouth while I was going down to fast.

So being a workmans comp issue, I lost 5 teeth in all this – 3 were pulled and 2 were turned into posts to hold the bridge. So am I supposed to be compensated for these lost teeth? How much?

Do they count as lost appendages like lost fingers or something like that? I know there are set amounts for different appendages that are lost in a work accident. Thanks.

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Dear Michael,

You ask an interesting question. In the State of Illinois, compensation for lost teeth falls under “disfigurement” and not under lost appendages.

Whether your broken teeth are replaced with a bridge, implants, or if dentures are required, the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission should compensate you for the cost of dental surgery, replacement dental work, or other dentistry necessary to make you “whole” again. Additionally, you should receive a disability settlement rated according to your disfigurement.

The courts have traditionally held that a worker who losses teeth in a work related injury and subsequently receives cosmetic surgery or other dentistry used to eliminate the disfigurement, still deserves a disfigurement award. The courts have based their rulings on this theory. Even though after corrective dentistry the worker may look relatively “normal” for public purposes, the injured worker still has to look at the damages to his or her mouth each day when he or she looks in the mirror.

It’s difficult to tell you the exact amount of money you deserve from a disability settlement. To research your rights under Illinois Workers Compensation Division’s regulations go to their web site here

Learn more here: What Does Workers' Comp Cover?

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  1. Robert says:

    Hit in mouth by a crowbar, lost all teeth. Put on 2 different drugs which have made me impatent, massive popping in jaw which causes migranes. Vision loss

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