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Compensation for Falling Off a Ladder?

Submitted By: Donnell (Saskatchewan, Canada)

I was cleaning snow from a lady’s roof. I went to get on the ladder but the roof was very slippery. The ladder slid while I was on it and I went down. I fell to the ground and dazed myself and broke my arm. The ambulance was called and I was transported to the hospital. My arm has been braced but not fixed yet. I broke it 2 and a half weeks ago. I go back on Feb 3rd to see if they are going to do surgery.

Can I get compensation if I fell from a roof that I was cleaning because the sidewalk where the ladder was was icy? What are my options? Thanks.

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Dear Donnell,

Sorry about your fall. It is likely the owner carries homeowners insurance. In that event there is a very good chance her insurance company will reimburse you for your medical bills and possibly any lost wages.

Also included could be an additional amount for what is called “Pain and Suffering.” That may sound a little extreme but it really isn’t.

Falling off a ladder from a height as high as a roof onto the frozen ground below is terrible enough. Breaking your arm in the process can elicit tears of pain from the toughest guy or gal.

Ask the homeowner for the name of her homeowner’s insurance company. Contact them and ask for reimbursement for your present and future medical bills and any lost wages. Although your treatment is ongoing it is still a good idea to establish a “Claim” with the insurance company as soon as possible.

The insurance carrier may readily reimburse you for medical bills and lost wages. They will though probably draw the line at additional amounts for pain and suffering. If they balk, your next step would be to file suit against them in one of the local courts. Only then will you begin to engage them in serious discussions about payment for your pain and suffering.

Admittedly they will probably not take you seriously when you make your request for compensation for pain and suffering. If that happens you must decide whether it is time to walk away or to seek legal help.

Learn more here: Homeowner Liability for Injured Workers

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  1. PP705 LLC says:

    You can claim compensation from the lady. The owner of a property or the person in possession and control of a property must ensure that the property is safe for everyone who enters the property. The lady had a duty to ensure that the sidewalk was properly cleared. If the design of the ladder contributed to the fall, then you can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the ladder.

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