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Credit damage due to unpaid medical bills by employer?

Submitted By: Joshua (San Diego, CA, USA)

I was lifting heavy pots of bacon at work and it resulted in a hernia. I reported it to my manager and immediately went to the hospital. I had surgery and thought it was over. I never received paperwork, thinking my employer had taken care of the matter.

After 2 years, I checked my credit and the medical bills appeared. My credit is ruined, and because of that I’m not able to get a better job (management, accounting, etc.). I have a bachelor’s in accounting but because of my bad credit, hiring managers for jobs involving money won’t entrust me to a position which I am very qualified for.

My employer tried to hush me with $5,000 and pay for me to file bankruptcy. I think it’s very unfair and this situation has put my family in a very unfavorable situation. Any luck of finding a bigger apartment is hindered, I won’t qualify for a mortgage, and I can’t pursue my career. I am stressed and have limited ways to better my situation.

What could I be entitled to? And, how do I go about that? Thank you.

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Dear Joshua,

At this point there isn’t very much you can do to remedy your bad credit rating. There are some “credit repair” companies out there, but before hiring one, do some research to find out if the business is registered with the Better Business Bureau, and if so, if there are complaints filed against it.

Your employer should have contacted his or her workers’ compensation insurance company at the time of your injury. If so, there should be a claim number. Ask your employer for the name of the workers’ comp insurance company. Then contact the company and investigate your claim.

Speak with the claims adjuster assigned to your claim and find out why your medical bills weren’t paid. Moreover, at the time of your injury, the insurance would have had you to visit with a primary care physician. Contact that physician and request copies of your medical bills and records.

In the event your employer failed to file a workers’ compensation claim, or if the insurance company refuses to pay your medical bills, then you’ll have to retain a workers’ compensation attorney.

Your attorney can notify your employer and ask that the problem be immediately remedied. If your employer fails to cooperate, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Learn more here: Claiming Lost Wages After Injury

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