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Cut at nail salon became infected, what do I do about ER bills?

Submitted By: A (USA)

I went to get a pedicure at a nail salon. Like always the nail tech was not paying attention, she was talking to the other tech. My girlfriend was sitting beside me getting her nails done. She alerted me that I was bleeding. The tech just cut me on my bone with a cheese grater type object.

A week later it became very red and swelled. I could not walk mind you. It was in a very bad spot, not a place to cut when getting a pedicure. I couldn’t even wear a shoe. For a whole month it got worse.

I made three visits to the emergency room and the foot doctor (who I still have to see). She took a culture of it to see what kind of bacteria it was.

Since it was in a very bad spot, I had to wear a special boot because of the friction. Now it’s a month later. I called the nail shop and told her I need her insurance. Now there’s an investigator trying to get my medical bills and reviewing the pills I was taking.

What should I be doing about this? Do I need to get a lawyer? I’m lost here.

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Dear A,

From the facts you present, it appears once you contacted the nail salon requesting their insurance information, they must have contacted either their attorney or their insurance company. In any case, the nail salon has acted preemptively.

While you didn’t mention what type of bacteria the doctor found, the doctor’s diagnosis, or what the final disposition of your foot injury was, it is a serious injury.

Victims who sustain serious injuries require legal representation. This is even more applicable because the nail salon’s representatives have already taken action to defend themselves.

The longer you wait the higher the probability the nail salon, through its representatives, may formulate a defense, and based on that defense, deny any claim you may file.

Gather copies of your medical records and make several appointments with personal injury attorneys. Most do not charge for initial office consultations, and most do not charge any fees until, and unless they succeed in settling a client’s claim, or winning it in court.

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