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Cut My Hand While Grabbing an Item in a Store…

Submitted By: Tiffani (Gallup, NM)

I went into a dollar store to get a serving platter. I found the item, however they were stacked on the bottom shelf. They were stacked pretty tight. I went to get one and pulled on the platter because it was stuck to the bottom one and wouldn’t budge. I felt a little sting in my hand and when I looked I noticed I was bleeding on the tip of my pointer finger.

I went to the clerk and told her but all she gave me was a paper towel and asked what happened and then she walked away. I went to the ER and they had to glue the cut together, stitches were required but the doctor said it would come out. Now a week later it’s still not fully healed and is still very sensitive. I’m not able to use it as before because it stings and pulls my skin.

What can I do?

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Dear Tiffani,

You can contact the store’s manager and ask her to compensate you for your injuries and the resultant medical costs. Depending upon the severity of the cut you will be able to make a decision to either pursue the matter further, or accept things as they are.

Hopefully at the time of your injury the clerk reported the injury to her manager. If so there should be an incident report upon which the manager can rely when investigating the matter.

If the stitches are the type which will melt away and you don’t need any further medic care, then you can ask the manager to pay your for the medical costs you have incurred.

If the injury requires further medical treatment, or there is a potential for scarring, you may want to wait before agreeing to accept an amount for compensation.

Hopefully the manager will cooperate. If not you can always consider filing a small claims lawsuit.

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2 thoughts on “Cut My Hand While Grabbing an Item in a Store…

  1. Anonymous says:


    I was in a store shopping, I passed an unattended promotional stand, which had a grater product my wife wanted for so long. I tested the grater and cut off my Top of my middle finger.

    I was rushed to the Medical Center, where immediate surgery was performed. The Store Manager informed me that I needed to bring all the doctors’ bills as they will cover it.

    Do I write a letter with medical bills?

    What about the Manufacturer of the product or Promotional Company, what do I send them as proof if the Store is covering my medical bills?

  2. John says:

    We bought a new toilet and the toilet seat cracked in half a short while later while I was sitting on it. The result was a cut to my leg. The manufacturer is taking responsibility but has asked me for a settlement value. Is a $1,000 reasonable? Thanks!

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