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Daughter used a facemask product and now has no eyebrows…

Submitted By: Nikki (Cornwall, Conn)

Me and my 10 year old have a little pamper time once every other month. We both use face mask, because of her age she only uses a small amount and only leaves it on for a couple of minutes. We’ve used this specific face mask a couple of times and never had any problems.

We used it again last night. This time she put it on herself under my supervision, still a very small amount. She woke up this morning complaining of feeling poorly and having itchy eyebrows. I told her to get some cold wet tissues and put it on her eyebrows to stop the itching.

As she did this and moved the tissue away her hair on her brows came away with the tissue. There is some stubble there but her skin is purple and itchy.

Can I sue the company for a faulty product?

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Dear Nikki,

Before any consideration of a lawsuit you must determine if your child’s injuries are more serious than the temporary loss of some of her eyebrows. To have the basis of a defective product claim you must be able to prove the product was defective, AND your daughter suffered injuries more serious than the temporary loss of her eyebrows.

Take your daughter to see her doctor, and do so immediately. Hopefully your daughter’s injury is temporary. If the doctor diagnoses your daughter with a serious injury, including scarring, permanent loss of hair, or other serious injury, you may have the basis of a negligence defective product (product liability) claim.

If your daughter’s injuries turn out to be serious, you will need to consult with a personal injury attorney. Most will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation. You also won’t have to pay any legal fees until, and unless the attorney successfully settle your daughter’s case or wins it at trial.

There’s just too much at stake with serious injuries to a child to handle the case on your own.

Learn more here: Personal Care Product Injuries

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