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Doctor Negligence Allows Wound to Heal with Glass Inside…

Submitted By: Cody (Kinder, Louisiana)

I was fixing a big hole in a glass window. I stuck my hand through to remove the excess glass and some glass fell and cut my wrist wide open. I went to the hospital and they looked at my wrist. They just covered my arm, and they told me to try a different hospital saying the other hospital would be waiting for me to go into surgery.

When I got there, I stayed for two days and all they did was check my blood pressure. I left and then I was experiencing flame-like pain in my wrist (after the wound had closed without having the surgery). So I went back to the hospital and told them I had a lot of pain. They gave me an x-ray and come to find out I had a big chunk of glass still in my wrist with little shards all around it.

Should I be eligible for an injury settlement since the doctors didn’t do their job adequately?

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Dear Cody,

From outward appearances it would seem someone made a very serious mistake.

There is no medical excuse we know of for a medical team of doctors and nurses to have left a piece of glass in your arm.

From the facts you present it would appear you did not in any manner engage in any activity which would have contributed to the doctors having left a piece of glass in your arm. The additional and unnecessary pain and suffering you unnecessarily endured should be compensable. In addition, the reopeneing of your arm may result in unnecessary scarring.

Sometimes our readers present a set of circumstances which may require legal action. In many cases we have urged our readers to consider representing themselves, and without the need of Attorney intervention. There are other cases in which we strongly urge our readers to seek the immediate advice and counsel of a skilled Personal Injury Attorney. Most of these Attorneys do not charge any fee for an initial office consultation.

We urge you to seek out an experienced medical malpractice attorney so you can be made aware of your rights, and your legal options. In the interim we suggest you take no independent action against the doctors or hospitals.

It’s possible when the doctors found the piece of glass left in your arm they immediately notified the hospital administration, who in turn referred the matter to their insurance company.

Doing so is not an admission of liability. Reporting the incident is normally done in an abundance of caution. If that was the case, you may be receiving a call from the hospital’s insurance company representative, commonly referred to as a Claims Adjuster.

Because of the seriousness of your case, we urge you not to speak with any 3rd parties until, and unless, you have consulted with a Personal Injury Attorney. There are some Injury Attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice cases. Those are the Attorneys you should seek out at the earliest possible time.

Learn more here: ER Malpractice Lawsuits

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Negligence Allows Wound to Heal with Glass Inside…

  1. KC says:

    Same exact thing happened to me! Black Friday 2017! Emergency room would’ve removed the neck brace even though I told them I had a big piece of glass in my chin! After getting stitched up come to find out there’s still pieces in that same spot that cause pain and a large swollen ball on my neck.

    I was t-boned as well and suffered multiple glass injuries and they didn’t seem to care all that much, and didn’t make sure all the glass was out. 2 years later it causes me pain and I just want it out!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This happened to me too less than two weeks ago…

    I had a big marble-sized bump on my neck, near where they stitched me up after my head hit the windshield when I was t-boned. I thought for several days that it was an infection, but it was hard.

    A couple of days ago I was pulling on what I thought was some dissolving stitches and a big piece of car window glass came out, followed by two tiny ones.

    There is still what feels like a thimble full of glass crunching around in the bump and I think a piece in my elbow. The one I pulled out was an inch from the bump.

    I am angry. I plan to have a free sit down with a lawyer tomorrow, rather than just having it removed, in case the lawyer wants me to see an expert of his choice while the glass still inside me can act as evidence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had the same happen to me after a car accident in December 1997! I had glass in the back of my head and neck area. Windshields shatter in little bits/shards when they break and I have a think head of hair, so it’s odd they got under the skin. I still have the scar to prove it.

    Do I have a lawsuit? Thanks.

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