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Dog Bite Workers Comp Settlement…

Submitted By: Anonymous (Chicago, IL)

I’m a home health nurse and I went to a regularly scheduled appointment at a patient’s house (who was the homeowner). They had their dogs tied up in front, they have always been locked up but that day they were blocking both entrances to the doors.

I saw the nephew in the driveway and asked him at least 2 times to put the dogs away, the nephew said it was okay and I went to open the side door. Both dogs were chained up and I was carrying a big bag/computer bag.

One dog attacked me and bit my right hand. I’m right handed and it was down to muscle between the web space, I had 9 stitches.

I ended up having surgery in January 2011 because an inclusion cyst formed. I had lots of pain and the web space on my hand is 10cm less then the left now. My claim was approved and paid by the insurance company and after surgery at 60% of my salary.

I had a total of 5 wks off work and about $12,000 in bills right now – all sent to my attorney. I asked the attorney to send a demand letter in June last year. When I talked to him in November last yr, he said was I eligible for a settlement. A 3rd party settlement as well from the private homeowners insurance.

I did sign a paper for this as well. I am also a single mom whose child has a mild form of autism. My attorney said my workers comp settlement was anywhere from $10,000 to #20,000.We did not discuss amounts related to the third party settlement.

How long do you think before that workers comp settlement comes in? I don’t want to keep calling my attorney. Most of the information I read says about 30 to 50 days is the norm. We didn’t talk about any amounts in the 3rd party yet, he just said that would take some time. Thanks for any estimate you can give on the time frame.

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Dear Anonymous,

As you well know your case is not average. There have most assuredly been untold hours expended in your legal representation. Calling your attorney is not something you should be concerned with. She is paid to represent you, and unless the Contract of Representation you limits the number of telephone calls you can make, you should feel free to call at anytime you have a legitimate question.

From the facts it appears you have not been afforded a satisfactory answer for several questions you have. We urge you to have a substantive conversation with your attorney. It is not unrealistic to have to wait up to ninety days for a Workmans Compensation settlement to be available.

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