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Employer Not Paying Medical Bills…

Submitted By: Amy (Shrewsbury, MA)

I cut my finger at work and went to the emergency room. They registered my injury as a workers compensation claim. I have been getting calls to pay the hospital bill because my employer has not yet payed it. This happened over a year ago and now it went to a collection agency.

The hospital has called my employer and all the info the owner has given is not accurate. How do I get this settled? Thanks.

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Dear Amy,

Contact the workers compensation representative and find out why your medical bills haven’t been paid. Demand they be paid. Tell her about the collection agencies.

Although the law says employees who are covered by workers compensation aren’t entitled to sue their employers, they can sue their workers compensation insurance carrier. Many people don’t know that if their workers compensation insurance company has failed to act appropriately under the circumstances, they can be found liable for “bad faith” dealings with their insured.

If you have a valid medical claim which a has been approved as a legitimate workers compensation claim, your employer and this workers compensation insurance carrier must pay the medical bills related to the doctors they sent you to. Tell

the adjuster if she fails to pay your medical bills, or at a minimum not straightening out the financial mess they have created for you, you will consider retaining an attorney and suing the insurance company for bad faith.

If you choose to consider that avenue contact several attorneys before you do. Start with personal injury attorneys but you can also contact any attorney who practices civil law.

Bad faith insurance lawsuits can be very financially rewarding to the claimant (you) and the attorney. As a result you might give serious consideration to that path to justice.

Learn more here: What Happens If You Sue Your Employer

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2 thoughts on “Employer Not Paying Medical Bills…

  1. Shaun says:

    My employer didn’t pay off my medical bills. I’ve asked them many times why I am getting this high bill. I’m not rich to pay it off.

  2. Lilia says:

    My employer does not want to pay the medical bills.

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