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Falsified Medical Records?

Submitted By: Cheryl (Tallahassee, FL)

I went to the doctor with a parasite infection. I was on a juice fast and found parasites in my stool after several days. I actually brought a sample to the doctor and she sent me for lab work twice. Both times I was told it was negative and no medication was given.

Well I knew it wasn’t negative because of what I was seeing. After some research I understood these tests were not very accurate, so I tried to see a specialist but when they called my doctor they were told my tests were negative and would not accept me as a patient. I did go to another doctor finally after some time, some really scared time, who did believe me and helped me.

A few months later, well today, I picked up my medical records. I am moving and changing doctors and wanted all my info. It stated in my records that the doctor that did not help me had diagnosed me with roundworms and that she had prescribed me a medication. I was shocked. I was told by her office “we don’t know what that is” and I needed to push for more help, but never received any from them.

I was even further shocked when I saw the electronic prescription which I never received. I called the pharmacy and was told it was called in and filled. I’m really scared about the level of fraud here. I am a woman who is very afraid of bugs like a lot of women. It was tremendously hard for me to have this type of a thing – worms inside me with no one believing me or giving me meds, even with the samples and pictures I was showing them.

I had to sleep every night knowing I had these things with no one helping. I was making frantic calls to my doctor for help with no avail. I don’t understand what’s happened here but I know I’ve been mistreated. I am very uncomfortable about it and I don’t really know what to do. Is there anything I can do about this situation? What can be done about the fact that my medical records don’t reflect what actually happened? Thank you.

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Dear Cheryl,

From the facts you present it appears your infection has been successfully treated. The “misinformation” from the original doctor appears to have been either a breakdown in communication or a deliberate act perpetrated by the original doctor and her staff in an effort to “cover-up” a mistaken diagnosis.

In any event, the success or failure of any claim you might have against the original doctor will be based on the apparent unnecessary duration of your infection, and your related level of pain and discomfort, whether physical, psychological, or both.

You would never have had to suffer extended pain and discomfort if you were properly diagnosed by the first doctor. The longer the interim between misdiagnosis and recovery, the longer you had to suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort.

As for the medical records and prescription which seemed to appear out of nowhere, it will probably be your word against the doctor’s. That will be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

If your pain and discomfort were for an extensive period of time and you think you have a claim, seek the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney. Most will not charge for an initial office consultation. Medical malpractice claims should never be handled “pro se” – on your own without a lawyer. In the interim, write a letter to the original doctor requesting copies of your medical records. You will need those if you decide to pursue a claim.

Learn more here: HIPAA Violations and Lawsuits

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