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Foreign body left inside my uterus?

Submitted By: Nancy (San Jose)

In April of 2013 I had a CT Scan after telling doctors that I have been having this sharp pain for a few years and no one could tell me what’s wrong. When I would go to doctors in the past I would mention I had small pieces of bones coming out of me and they would look at me with a crazy look, and ignore me and say its fibroids. They did an ultrasound and said it was fibriods. They sent me home in the past with antibiotics because of infections or UTIs.

On April 30th 2013 a doctor came back with the CT Scan and told me that everything was normal, but asked if any doctors in the past have done any surgeries on my uterus. The doctor said that the CT Scan with contrast showed that I had a foreign body in the lower uterine segment of my uterus. I followed up with a new doctor, because I moved and was referred to an ultrasound specialist, and then was sent to an OB specialist to get it out.

The OB specialist said he’d never has seen this in his 25 years of practice and suspected it was a stitch needle. When I finally had a hysteroscopy on July 17th 2013 the OB said that he did not see a needle but did take out what was pieces of bones. He could not finish taking them out and told me that I have had repeatedly been getting infections because I had these bones left inside.

I have to get a D&C (dilation and curettage) again so he could scrape it out really good. I have to get another ultrasound on July 24th 2013 and a repeat D&C, and at that time he can tell me the results of the labs (after sending the pieces of bones in). When I came home I got a bigger infection so the doctor gave me antibiotics and I had what felt like painful contractions, and had more of the bones come out me at home. The OB wants to see if he still sees a sharp curved shaped object to confirm it is not in fact a needle.

In the past I had told the original doctor that I had what seemed to be bones coming out of my vagina and was ignored. I had to go through a lot of pain that caused me to be anemic for a long time and I had infections constantly. I thought it was the fibroids I was told I had in 2010, but of course it wasn’t.

I want to see if I can sue for negligence because of the missed diagnosis, continued pain that entire time, infections, etc., and because I had foul smell and embarrassing moments with spouse. I get my results tomorrow July 24th and the doctor will see if I still have a foreign body inside me. Before all of this happened I had lost my baby at 6 months of pregnancy, was high risk and I did feel the sharp pain before the D&C or the miscarriage.

I think there is a needle and it’s what caused the death of the baby, and the bones stayed inside me because the needle blocked them from coming out. If I don’t have a needle can I still sue for the rest of my ordeal? And if I do find out tomorrow that I still have that object and it is a needle what can I do? Thanks.

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Dear Nancy,

You certainly seem to have gone through a horrid experience. Determining if medical malpractice occurred will take a good deal of professional investigation. The investigation will include a review of all medical records, hospital charts, doctors’ and nurses’ notes, and more.

You must begin your claim by visiting with an experienced medical malpractice personal injury attorney. Be sure to make copies of all your medical bills, receipts for medications, and any other proof of your medical problems over the last few years. Most attorneys will not charge for an initial office investigation. Be sure to settle on one with whom you have confidence.

If the attorneys believe you have a strong case they will agree to represent you. Fortunately the attorneys will foot all costs of the investigation. This will include hiring medical experts, subpoenaing records, taking depositions, and more.

The attorney will only be paid when he or she settles your case, or wins it at trial. At that time legal fees and costs will be deducted from your settlement or court award. In most cases the amount of legal fees will be between 33.3 to 40 percent.

Learn more here: Birth Injury Lawsuits

The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

Find a local attorney to give you a free case review here, or call 888-972-0892.

We wish you the best with your claim,


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