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Hair Pulled Out by Sister In Law…

Submitted By: Jessecca (St Petersburg, FL)

There was an incident a month ago where my brother and my sister in law were at my house. They weren’t supposed to be living here because of my brother’s criminal charges (he’s a convicted sex offender and there are Day Care centers in the area). I’d asked them repeatedly to leave and they both refused.

Finally, after my sister in law attacked me twice in one night, they left. When she attacked me she ripped a large chunk of hair out of the top frontal region of my head. The hair just is not growing back in properly. It’s growing in sections and the other parts of my scalp remain bare.

Can I still file charges against her? How do I do it? Can I force her to pay to get my hair fixed? Thank you.

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Dear Jessecca,

It certainly isn’t too late to file charges against your sister-in-law.

From the facts you present she clearly assaulted you.

Because the police apparently were not called at the time of the assault it’s too late for you to call the police. Presuming the assault occurred in St. Petersburg, go to the St. Petersburg Police Department. The police will probably not take your complaint over the telephone. Once at the police department tell them you want to file an assault complaint against your sister-in-law.

There isn’t any guarantee the police will accept the case. If they do you will be interrogated. The interrogation will occur because of the appearance of your brother-in-law.

The police will want to know why he was there, and why you allowed him to come into your house.

Don’t be surprised if the police are more concerned with your brother-in-law’s appearance at your home than the assault. The appearance of your brother in your home is a felony. The assault against you is probably a misdemeanor. So think carefully before you begin what may be an uncomfortable experience.

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