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Hit by an EMS Ambulance…

Submitted By: Martin (Jourdanton, TX)

As I was approaching an intersection on a green light I heard the siren of an EMS ambulance. As I looked around to see where it might be coming from I looked to my right where a large semi trailer truck was sitting. I was about halfway through the intersection by the time I made eye contact with the EMS vehicle but it was too late, the ambulance struck my truck and I was spun around into a pole.

The impact on my truck was just behind the passenger side, which would indicate that MY truck was at least 50% in view. There was no damage to the front or back of my truck. It was right in the middle.

I was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. I was never questioned nor cited. No statement was taken but the police report indicated that I was at fault.

The police report states that the EMS slowed down and made certain the way was clear, when in fact the semi truck would have blocked the EMS ambulance’s view as well. This resulted in the damage upon impact to my truck.

Please advise what steps if any I can take to try to remedy the placement of fault on me. To me it appears clear that the ambulance driver was at fault for the collision. Thank you.

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Dear Martin,

You can be sure your insurance company’s claims adjuster will contact you to record your side of the “story”. When she does that may be your best and only chance of persuading her the collision was not entirely your fault. You should know your insurance company is on your side. They don’t like giving away their money any more than you do.

But in the end it will come down to who the insurance company adjusters believe is the most culpable party in the collision and who is less so.

You may be able to influence the outcome of the fault issue and subsequent reimbursement and compensation for possible bodily injuries and property damage, but that influence will be minor. That’s because once an accident occurs the insurance companies usually take over. Once they do, the insured, like yourself are normally relegated to the periphery of the parameters of the collision, only being called back into the fray when your insurance company requires you to.

Insurance companies and their claims adjusters do their own “settlement dances” once they are faced with a collision. The insurance company’s adjusters will each initiate an investigation into the collision. Once they have fully investigated the factors which attributed to the collision they will normally “wheel and deal” among themselves, making or receiving payments from each other’s companies.

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