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Hotel Manager Refused to Complete an Incident Report…

Submitted By: B (Amite, LA)

My husband fell at a hotel because the manager had mopped and not put out a sign warning of a wet floor. When we requested an accident report the manager refused and told us to write the incident down on a blank piece of paper.

After my husband wrote down what occurred the general manager refused to even take the paper or make a copy, and he sent the girl at the front desk to the back when we requested her name.

My husband has only one leg because his right leg had previously been amputated. When he fell he hurt his back and broke his prosthetic. What do we do? Is there a federal agency that can be contacted? Is my husband a special population because he is disabled? Thank you.

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Dear B,

Before jumping to conclusions or taking any legal action, consider what you are seeking. If you are seeking compensation or reimbursement for the medical bills your husband incurred, then continue your resolve to pursue a legal claim.

If all that has been injured are your husband’s and your feelings about the manner in which you were both treated, then your pursuit of a legal claim should end now. To be successful in a legal claim against the hotel your husband must have suffered medically documented injuries.

There isn’t any need to rush to file a lawsuit or pursue a civil claim immediately. In the State of Louisianan there is a one (1) year Statute of Limitations. The Statute of Limitations is the legal time period in which a person in Louisiana has to either settle a civil personal injury claim or file as lawsuit.

If your husband has suffered injuries it will not be necessary to contact any federal agency. His disability shouldn’t have any effect upon his legal right to pursue a civil claim against the hotel. If he is injured, contact a personal injury attorney. Most will not charge for an initial office consultation.

If your husband hasn’t suffered any injuries, and your reason for wanting to take some form of action is the manner in which he and you were treated, you might send a letter to the hotel’s corporate office.

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The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

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