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How do I file a claim for damages caused by a company’s truck?

Submitted By: L (Montebello, California)

I have tried numerous times to find an insurance carrier for a company’s semi truck that caused damaged when he hit and ran. We have 2 witnesses and made a police report. The company, XPO Logistics in City of Commerce, will not provide insurance carrier information.

The semi truck was driving on a street where no semi trucks are forbidden from driving. Their driver made a u-turn and hit a huge tree, breaking it off and causing it to fall and damage my 6′ fence and crack my cement patio. It also destroyed City of Montebello tree which had to be completely cut down.

What can be done about this? How can I file a claim against the company for damage caused by a hit and run by one of their semi trucks? Thank you.

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Dear L,

XPO Logistics, Inc, or “XPO” is a massive transportation company. With over 15 billion dollars in annual revenue, XPO Logistics transports goods and merchandise from point to point all over the word. XPO Logistics Corporate Headquarters is located here:

Five American Lane
Greenwich, CT 06831
Telephone (855) 976-6951 or (844) 742-5976

Bypass the local City of Commerce office. Instead, contact XPO directly by telephone. You can also use their Contact Form. Explain what happened. Tell them you want to be connected with the department which handles insurance claims for property damage caused by one of their trucks. You will be directed to their claims department. Be sure to have copies of photos and estimates for the repairs to your property.

In the event XPO will not cooperate, you can consider filing a small claims action against them in one of California’s Small Claims Courts. These courts have jurisdiction to hear cases up to $7,500. If your damages are equal to or less than $7,500, you can proceed against XPO Logistics there.

For more information about filing a small claims lawsuit in California go to California Judicial Branch.

Learn more here: Semi-Truck Accident Compensation

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